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My Eyebrow Experience

I have been wanting to get my eyebrow pierced for about 5 months before I had actually gotten it done. The need to get it increased even more after seeing my friends and family members who had gotten it done and looked amazing with it. They told me about how it didn't hurt that much and how they liked the attention they were getting, so that made me even more pumped. Especially since my family is a 'piercing' family as in all my cousins have things like eyebrow, tongue, lip, nose and ears pierced, that made me even more excited. And since it was the summer and in September I would be going back to school as a graduating Grade 12 student I thought that now would be the time to get it. But then there were also others who thought that it was stupid because friends of theirs that had their piercing's grow out in less then a month paid all that money for nothing. But I didn't care about that, all I cared about was getting it done so I at least could say that I had gotten my eyebrow pierced over the summer.

So I talked to my mom about getting the piercing and she said that it would look cool and that I would have to talk to my dad. I was nervous about that, since I had to beg him to let me get 2 more holes in the cartilage of my ear. So after researching the aftercare and the dangers and checking out the different types of barbells, I talked to him about why I wanted to get it done. After about 2 weeks of letting him think it over, he agreed but told me that he thought that I should wait until I had more money to cover that and the belly button piercing I wanted to get done as well. And since I had the money ready for the eyebrow to be done and was so excited to get it, the next day my two friends drove me out to Dragon FX.

When we got there, I walked up to the front counter and told the girl behind it that I was looking at getting my eyebrow done. She handed me some forms, checked out my I.D. and then waited for me to fill them out. After I had filled them all out and had read the after care sheets I walked back up to the counter. She then told me to pick a barbell and I chose a small curved barbell with a aqua gemstone in it. I then paid for it and was immediately taken into another room.

My piercer drew the dots to make sure that was where i wanted it and told me to check it out. After looking in the mirror I thought that it would be a good placement so i went back to the bed/bench type thing and laid down. She then got everything ready and made sure the barbell was the one that I had picked out. She told me to take a deep breath in and then let it out. While i was letting it out, she stuck in the needle. I had felt nothing at all, not even a pinch!! After what seemed like forever I opened my eyes and since I didn't feel anything was unsure if it was over or not. She then told me that she had done it, leaving me feel stupid... I walked over to the mirror and looked at it, I couldn't believe how awesome it looked! I was so excited that I just said thank you thank you about 20 times and walked out. The area wasn't even swollen or red and looked like it had been there forever. It was awesome!

The first couple of days I couldn't even tell that I had a fresh piercing and i didn't get any crustiness at all. I have had no troubles cleaning it at all and can't wait to change the barbell once I find something I like. I have gotten so many people telling me how good it looks and get people everywhere I go asking me if it hurt at all or how you change it and stuff like that! And now, I have had a lot of friends go out and get pierced this summer, things such as their tongues, lips, eyebrows and belly buttons so that I know now that the eyebrow isn't so unique anymore which is why I wanted it, but it still looks good and is a conversation piece with everyone. I would tell anyone to get it done because it is pain free and easy and suits practically everyone! It is an easy way to get a different look and stand out which is what attracted me to it in the first place. This was my first professional piercing,(not counting the 8 holes in my ears, but they don't count as professional anyways right, since they were done by hairdressers....?) but it certainly won't be my last! :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 19 Aug. 2004
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Studio: Dragon+FX
Location: Edmonton%2C+Alberta

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