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Scary biker-man piercing my eyebrow.

Alright, so when I was about ten, almost eleven, I sort of..tricked..my divorcing parents into letting me get my eyebrow pierced. I did this by getting my mom to promise me I could, then when she "checked" and there were no more appointments available, I told my dad to pretty please check.  So one night Jack (my father) took me to this hairstyling place where this piercer named "Uncle Albert" was visiting for three days.  I went and filled out this form while my father disappeared.  They wanted me to go in but luckily I stopped them until he came back. I was terrified of how much it would hurt.  I'd been told that it was going to paralyze my face.

So I walked into this bitty room, which I think was originally used as a tanning room, and I sat on this long dentist-like chair.  And there was this..tall, skinny man with a long grey beard, dressed in leather, with more tattoos than I'd ever seen in my life.  I was ten remember, and he scared me, in a.. creepy he sort of looks like tiny Santa Claus if he were a cocaine addict or into S&M kind of way.  Anyway I was scared, because I'm not a huge fan of pain, but he shaved part of my eyebrow and he told me to close my eyes and turn my head towards him.

I started to feel a pinch, and he started laughing at me, like the evil, Santa Claus look alike he was, because I was complaining.  Then there was this awesome feeling of something going through my skin, and I couldn't feel the pain of course, because my skin was being pinched and all. Oh I love that feeling so much.  But then he put in the barbell, and took off the clamp thing.  I was all proud, because I was the only kid in grade six with an eyebrow piercing.  In fact I was the only kid in school with any piercing, other than ears of course.

But unfortunately when I asked him what to clean it with, he said either soap and water (blah) or rubbing alcohol.  By rubbing alcohol I thought he meant peroxide. In case you haven't found out yet that stuff is just bad news when it comes to piercings,  so i've learned from experiences.  So I cleaned this eyebrow piercing for oh hmm..four months, maybe five, with this peroxide. I really, really, really wish I hadn't. But I guess everyone is entitled to some mistakes.

First thing it started to do was puss. A lot of puss. Then the puss started getting a lot more green, and thick, and the top ball on the barbell was sort of two thirds submerged in this thick puss.  I kept cleaning it with this peroxide the whole time.  I have no idea how anyone around me could stand looking at me with this huge pool of infection on my eyebrow, but I didn't seem to mind it at the time.

Anyway after awhile it started to dry up, the problem is I didn't stop cleaning it with the peroxide once it got all better and pretty again, and it got too dry, and the skin around the piercing turned to more of a crusty, transparent scab. I was very careful with it, but just kept cleaning it with that horrible peroxide!

Then one day at school (I knew this was going to happen sometime, it had gone way beyond all hope of recovery), this real idiot came up to me and touched it, because everyone always wanted to touch it, and sort of flicked at it.  Everyone around me just stared at me for awhile, then one of my friend said, "Way to go asshole, you pulled out her eyebrow thing,". I hadn't even realized, and I laughed in disbelieve until  I reached up and realized it was hanging on by a tiny strand of skin.  It was actually really gross.

I ran to the bathroom and started crying, but the weird thing is I wasn't crying because it hurt, or because I loved the piercing so much, I started crying because I thought, what a waste of forty dollars.  I've always thought that was kind of weird.  I was lucky though because of the thin and scabby skin there's barely a scar, unless you look very closely.

Since then I've gone on to have another eyebrow piercing and it's worked out marvelously, and hurt a lot less than all of my other piercings, so if that whole thick green puss and creepy biker guy thing scared you a bit, don't worry about it because I'm sure that's not the case with most eyebrow piercings, in fact I've never quite seen anyone else with a piercing like that.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 14 Aug. 2004
in Eyebrow Piercing

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