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The Bridge Piercing I've always wanted

I've always wanted to have my bridge pierced. They look great on people. Unfortunately, I work in a white collar job. That means this piercing was out of the question. At some point, I realized that I was going to be away from work for almost a week while in Toronto for BMEFest. Even if I couldn't keep the piercing, I wanted to have it done for a while. This is the piercing I'd always wanted, and now I would have it.

The only real issue I had was determining who the piercer would be. Since we were going to be there for BMEFest, I knew I'd have access to some of the best piercers on the continent. I also had the option of some local piercers in Toronto. I'm really picky about the modification practitioners I'll go to. I won't deal with amateurs. I've had a really bad experience with a piercer in the US who is really well-known, so that makes my picky attitude justified.

I contacted Craig via IAM to see if he'd be interested. He had thrown hooks in me for a suspension several months ago, but I hadn't gone to him for a piercing before. He's done a lot of work for a few friends, so I knew I wasn't dealing with an amateur. One friend speaks very highly of him, and his opinion carries a lot of weight with me. Like I said, he'd thrown hooks in me--I had put my life in his hands before. This was a relatively simple piercing in comparison, so trusting him just wasn't an issue. If you trust someone to throw hooks in you, trusting them to do a piercing on you is just a given. I also wanted to let him know that this was probably going to be a temporary piercing. Some piercers might take issue with that, and I wanted to make sure he was okay with it.

Craig replied to my message telling me he'd be happy to do it. We traded contact info and we were set. I told him my dilemma about work, and he suggested that we might be able to do a retainer that would be hidden under my glasses. I was ecstatic.

We met up, and he got started setting up his table. Even though we weren't in his studio, he was still vigilant about sterilization protocols. I expected nothing less. Craig had me sit down in the chair so he could get started. He cleaned the bridge of my nose with technicare, taking care not to get any in my eyes.

After cleaning, he marked the location with a toothpick and gentian violet. He was absolutely meticulous about placement. He checked it while I was sitting in the chair, standing up, sitting down again, and then standing up again. When he was satisfied with the placement, he told me to look in the mirror to check the placement. I refused. I told him that he was much better at this than I am, and I trusted his judgment. That proved to be a wise move. His placement was flawless.

Finally, it was time for the actual piercing. He told me we'd breathe it out just like a suspension, taking deep breaths in and out, piercing on the third exhalation. And just like that, the needle was through. Compared to any other piercing, the pain was minimal. Within a matter of seconds, the needle was replaced with a half-inch barbell. At that time, I had a little bleeding, and he was vigilant in cleaning it up. After a few minutes, we were done. The only thing that looked odd was when I arched my eyebrows. One side looked higher. The piercing is absolutely straight. But like most people, one muscle is slightly stronger than the other, making the piercing look crooked when my eyebrows are arched. Obviously, it's not Craig's fault that my face can be askew.

That night, I put on my glasses and was amazed. You couldn't even tell I had the piercing. It actually looked like part of the frames. It was absolutely perfect. A few days later, Craig took a barbell, filed off the threads, bent it slightly, and I had a retainer. Under my glasses, I can very easily wear it to work without fear of my piercing being noticed.

My piercing is perfect and is healing well. I now have that piercing I'd always wanted, and with some creativity from a great piercer, I'll be keeping it even longer than I had expected.

My experience was great. Of all the piercers I've been to, Craig probably has the best "bedside manner" I've experienced to date. I was comfortable throughout the entire experience, and I think that's a result of Craig's professionalism.


submitted by: Mike
on: 16 July 2004
in Eyebrow Piercing

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