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High School and Piercings don't mix!

Hello all!!! This past Summer, all I wanted was an eyebrow piercing. I think the Stained video ( It's been a while), really pushed me to do it. There was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to get it done, but I already decided there was no way I was going to do it myself. I did my belly- button myself several times, and I've never been happy with the results. Nobody I knew had an eye-brow ring, and I really wanted to stand out! Eye-brow rings have always been my favorite piercing, and I would do almost anything to get one.

Anyways, I went to Fort Scott, KS to visit my dad for the summer.I spent days explaing to him that it wasn't a tattoo ( of which he has several!) If I didn't like it after a while, I could always take it out, and that would be that. With a little help from my step-mom, he said he would take me to get it done! We called 7 or 8 places before we finally found a place that would pierce a 15 year old with a parent. Almost every place we called said 18, or 16 with a parent.We drove all the way to Kansas City, MO because Fort Scott,KS is such a Poe-dunk town, there's nothing for miles! After and hour of driving in 105 degree weather, we arrived at Stigmata Tattoo.When we got there, a girl said the piercer left. We were totally screwed because I had to catch the Greyhound bus back to Plano, Texas that night. Yet another Poe-dunk town.... When I got back to Plano, my mom was so excited that I was home, she took me to get it done! I had to pay for it and swear that I wouldn't wear it at school and a bunch of other stuff that I still haven't gotton around to yet. I gave them my birth certificate, paid the $45 and all that jazz, and I waited outside of what looked like a torture chamber/ doctor's office/ laboritory! My mom kept asking people, if the needles were sterile, and if they were certified and crap. I guess it's good to ask and all, but there was so much adreneline pumping through my veins, I was ready to be poked and proded! The piercer called me in for my piercing. I asked him how it hurt compared to other piercings ( what a girl )and he said that the eye-brow piering was one of the easiest piercings he does. He gave me a mirror while he marked the entry and exit wounds. I told him they were fine, just as long as I wouldn't be able to see the ring out of the corner of my eye. (*Which of course I can see out of the corner of my eye now!) He laid me down flat on an examination type table. He just said relax....( Easy for him to say!) He put a clamp on my brow and quickly pushed the needle through. Before I knew what hit me, he was putting a little silver ball in my 14g ring. I bought some Provon at Smooth Groove to clean my piercing along with some sea-salt from Whole Foods. I've had it for 7 or 8 weeks now, and for the most part it is healed. The bottom hole is a little red, and I think that's because I get eye make-up on it. The only bad thing about my piercing is school. Our school's dress code states that no "visible" piercings are allowed. I wore a clear plastic ring to school, but it was still considered a visible piercing. After being caught several times with a ring in, and several days on suspension, I've learned my lesson. Now I take the ring out completley from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm.I'm amazed it's still there! That makes it a little irritated, but it's still cool. I definitly DON'T recommend taking it out for long periods at a time, especially while it's healing. When I finally put it back in in the evening, it hurts like hell while I push it through. I'm sure it's much more prone to infection this way too. But if this is the only way I can have my beloved eye-brow ring, so be it. I'm very happy with my piercing, and the place I got it. Smooth Groove Tattoo was so clean and fast! I've gotten so many complements on it! It's at the perfect angle and everything! So livley up yourself and go get a piercing, your personality will love you for it!!!!! Ashley


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 Sept. 2001
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: A+kewl+guy+in+his+mid+50%27s.
Studio: Smooth+Groove+Tattoo
Location: Dallas%2C+Texas

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