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Office Lady Button Jockey turned Metal Junkie

I led your basic average life until I decided to get my nipple pierced for my twenty-first birthday. I thought it would be 'cute'. I hadn't had much body modification experience till that point, excluding an ear with five piercings and a cartillage (four of which I did myself, thank you very much) and one bad tattoo during my teenage years. Even at that point, it didn't really affect my life. I was only able to keep the piercing for eight months past that, having turned up pregnant and advised by my doctor to take it out and let it heal since I wanted to breast feed. So I reluctantly gave it up, and breastfed my baby boy for six months. Well, when he was nine months old, I considered having it repierced, only to discover I was pregnant again. So, had to breastfeed all over again. I didn't wind up getting my nipple repierced until my second child was over a year old and I was 24. So after spending a short evening with a couple of friends, we decided to stop by a random tattoo studio to browse some flash. I decided on a lark, "Well, I'm already here, I have the money, what the hell?" And I got my nipple redone. It was as easy as the first, a little more pain because my piercer used the original marks and went through the scar tissue. But it healed well and straight, and I was happy with it. For some reason, however, I paid more attention to it this time around. Making sure the ball closure was perfectlty positioned, cleaned it religiously, admired the way it fused in and out of my flesh. I had to have another one; but one I could show off to the world. So three weeks later I was back on the table. This time it was a 14g bananabell through my eyebrow. Frogg remembered me from the few weeks previous when he'd done my nipple, and was more than personable. He has a great way of maintaining conversation to allieve nervousness, and a very settling demeanor. Unlike the nipple, which was clamped, he freehanded the needle through my eyebrow. I remember it stinging a bit, but not enough to wince at. There was a brief moment that is hard to describe, the realization of penetration coupled with an almost sad realization that it's already over. Next thing I knew, he was guiding the bananabell through the piercing and pronouncing it "Beautiful". This may sound odd, but in a certain way I can compare my piercings to childbirth. Yes it hurts, but you go into it expecting some degree of pain, but also with the expectation of a beautiful outcome. And also, as with having my sons, I sometimes wish to repeat the experience, not just to gain another baby (or piercing) but to experience it again. The satisfying sense of "Hah! I did it!" is exhilherating. Well, being bored one night, and feeling a bit cocky because I had two, count 'em Two, piercings, And a tattoo (LoL albeit a bad one) I decided to go rub elbows with the people in my server's pierced and tattooed room. One of the topics of the evening was the Madison piercing. I tried to follow the best I could, not wanting to denounce my ignorance to one and all, and went about researching the piercing to see just what they were talking about. I was amazed at the level you could take piercing to! I saw examples of people with gorgeous modifications in ways I would never have thought possible. The madison itself I fell into a deep lust with. I have no idea why it's not more popular than it is, (I've never seen one on a live person), it's completely elegant and a fantastic accent to one of the most attractive parts of the body. But the ideas and determination people have to persue those ideas... it's amazing. One word: suspension. I knew then and there that my life had just been changed. I'm going in the next week and a half for my madison (staying loyal to Frogg, my wonderful piercer). Future plans include a third eye, perhaps surface-to-surface piercings on either side of my madison, a vertical barbell piercing my cleavage, a nose stud, and another eyebrow, most likely on the same side. I also am trying to break into the piercing community and gain training to become a piercest myself. I could imagine no career making me happier than to help others realize their dreams of expression through metal. So that's my story, no idea if it was long enough to gain membership, lol, I wasn't counting. But, next time you see your basic white-bread office worker with 2.5 kids and a house in the suburbs, realize: you may not be so different after all.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 Aug. 2001
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Frogg
Studio: the+Electric+Chair
Location: Houston%2C+Texas

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