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My First Piercing

18th birthday (which was this past November), my best friend said that she was going to take me to get my eyebrow pierced. I had wanted it done for some time, but it was now or never. We made plans to go the next day. We got to the tattoo parlor about 2:00 p.m. (we skipped our last class) and we were shown to the "back room". It looked a little shady, okay, a lot shady, but I wanted to get it done. He donned his gloves, removed all the proper itemes from little cubby holes and the Autoclave. his included a hollow point needle in a package, gauze pads, a hoop with ball in a package, k-y jelly, rubbing alcohol, and a Sharpie Marker. He cleaned off my eyebrow with the gauze pads and rubbing alcohol (to remove make up and dirt and oil), drew a few dots and asked me if that was how I wanted it. He then placed a clamp with a triangular opening on my brow with the dots showing on the top or bottom. He told me to hold it, that it would cut off circulation to that area so it didnt hurt as much. He took the needle out of the package, but changed his gloves first. He then put some k-y jelly on the hollow point needle and pushed the needle through. Everything seemed to very clean and under control. It didn't even hurt, it was more of a pressure. Then he told me that the hard part was getting the hoop in. I was once again asked to hold the clamps, and did so while he took the ball off the hoop. I looked up at the needle through my eyelid and asked myself "what have I done?" Then i reassured myself that it's not permanent, so i was okay after that. He put one end of the hoop into the hollow point needle on top then pulled it through the bottom. He went to put the ball on and dropped the ball. He picked it up off the floor and was going to just put it on. I asked him if he was nuts. So he got a new one from a new sealed package and put that on. All fine and dandy, so I thought. He told me to wash with Dial soap and saline solution (like for contacts) and that I could change the jewelry in six weeks. All was good until the next few days. it would not heal. I kept it clean, did everything I had to, but it wasn't healing right, and I'll be damned if I was gonna take it out I just kept it clean , hoping it was okay. I got a new job where I had to take it out, and this was about three months later. I took it out and could not get it back in.
Finally I got it back in, but it was bruised and very swollen. There was also strange green stuff coming out if it. this went on for a month or so, and I was still damned if I were to take it out, when I lost the hematite ball, and went to the other piercing place in town to get a new one. The woman, Cindy, took one look at me and almost flipped. She told me to get in her chair right away. she said that I was lucky that i stopped in when I did, because from taking it out and putting it back in everyday, I was causing scarring. She said that the way I was going, I would have had a huge knot under my skin. She cleaned me up, gave me a new hoop (she said it was way too big) and gave me a bottle of betadine, told me to clean it every day, a few times a day. She told me how to clean it, and told me that the precautions i was told to take was basically a bunch of crap. I did that for about three or four days and it worked like magic. I was healed within a week. Cindy has now done my tattoo and my tongue piercing, and i visit her often to buy my jewelry and to talk to her. She still checks out my brow once in a while, and I do still have a little scar tissue knot that i will always have. The moral of this story? trust your gut. if you walk into a place and something just doesn't seem right, it probably isn't. It's worth the drive across town or the wait till the other, more reputable, place is open. And the other moral of the story is: if your piercing isn't healing right, please see someone. And it need not be a professional piercer, a doctor knows how to handle infection as well.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 July 2000
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Couldn%27t+Tell+Ya
Studio: Lake+City+Tattoo
Location: Lake+Geneva%2C+WI

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