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Nipple Nightmare

y can I suggest that all people reading this go and get your nipples pierced! And secondly can I suggest that you get it done professionally! It is really sore, and so if you can get anaesthetic cream! Also be prepared for some weird sensations for the rest of your life after it's done! The feeling in your nipples will be unbelievably hyper. It's an awsome thing, and well worth the troubles of the piercing! Go for it! I however opted for some fun with my mate Phil. He is a medical student and managed to get some medium gauge cannulas which we used to do the piercing. Firstly we had no anaesthetic so a bag of peas was used to numb the area! If your planning to do this at least make sure the peas are frozen! It actually made very little difference I felt to the pain, in fact it just made it harder for Phil to pierce me since my chest was so cold to touch! Being a good medic he used gloves, and sterilised the jewelley, pre-bought at the local piercing studio by dipping in methylated spirit and then burning it off with a match. He assured me this kills most bugs! Now we come to the piercing. I had asked him to pierce both my nipples. Firstly for the fun aspect, and secondly to save dosh! It has always been something that I have wanted done. He used a green cannula to make the holes. The pain on inserting the needle was excruciating. I am sure, as I had though about, that if I had been doing it myself I never would have managed! But seeing as Phil wasn't having any pain he persevered! He clamped the nipples using old chemistry tonges. The type used to hold bits of metal etc in a bunsen. This was pretty useless however, and some decent equipment could have come in handy! After the needle was in (left nipple first) it was a relief for it to be withdrawn. The horrific part however was inserting the jewellery (12G) as the hole was far too small! He literaly had to force the damn thing in, and it certainly didn't aid the healing! In half an hour my hole nipple was inflammed, very tender, red, sore, but extremely, and quite erotically sensitive! The second nipple was then done similarly, just as painfully, and with the same problems.

Now I have the damn things done I wouldn't change a thing. I love my nipple piercings, and especially love to have them played with! I haven't had any problems except some infection in the right one, which cleared up with continued washing with sterile saline. I use savlon on them also. It's great to go out clubbing in a see through shirt and show my nipples off - and I can tell you both the girls and boys love it! It's unbelievable however how sensitive my nipples are! They really sometimes arouse me simply when my shirt rubs on my nipples!! It can be quite embarrassing in the wrong places! Also the size of my nipples has almost trebled! And they are permantely errect! This can be painful in the cold when they seem to want to become more errect, giving a rather painful, sharp feeling. But it's worth the pain for such a great look! Hopefully soon I'm going to get a PA but I think I'll get that one done by a pro, as I think my mates medical knowledge hasn't quite peaked high enough yet to cope with some serious anatomy!

Piercing is truely addicitve, and I find this entire site so refreshing. It's great to see piercing becoming more mainstream and acceptable. Let's hope one day everyone who wants to be a pierced 'freak' can do so without loss of earnings, career prospects, or being shunned by society. It's the greatest expression of self we can have ... to physically alter ourselfs. My previous piercing experience was a nostril done by myself using a safety pin and an ice cube! However it really ranked nowhere on the pain scale when compared to a nipple. I also have my ears pierced and stretched to 00Ga but am hoping one day to have ears like Shannons! I also have a large tribal black arm piece running up my left arm and on to my chest. Pain wasn't really a problem with that seeing as I made sure I always had taken plenty of painkillers before the procedure! It took about 4 sittings to finish the thing and now it's done I'm dying to extend it, perhaps do the same on the other side and get my artist Terry to make the two designs meet somehow in the middle! Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Thanks for listening!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 17 July 2000
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: My+mate+Phil
Studio: Phil%27s+house%21
Location: Derby

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