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lovely piece of metal

ngs are so addictive. I speak from personal experience. The only reason I don't have more is the matter of funding. Since I'm only 15, don't have a job or allowence, I rarely get any money, unless I save my lunch money. So, a couple weeks ago I got some money from a odd job that I did at school, and my first thought was "Get something pierced!" and since I've been thinking about getting my eyebrow pierced for awhile, I decided to go for it. Plus I think that my eyes are one of my most magnificent attributes, and an eyebrow piercing would be perfect to draw even more attention to them. And piercings are just plain beautiful, and you can never have too much of a beautiful thing.

07.11.00 2:00 p.m Me and my mom walk into Kalamalka just in time to see my regular piercer, Bryan, leaving. Turns out that he broke a tooth. So I was a little nervous, because I was used to Bryan doing my piercings. So this little old lady walks out and introduces herself as Letha, the owner of Kalamalka. After talking to her awhile, (actually me and my mom talked to her for about half an hour) I liked her alot, so I was comfortable with her piercing me. So after we got done talking, she let me pick out my jewlery. I picked out a 16g barbell. I was leaning more towards a 14g, but instead chose a 16, don't ask me why. So Letha took me into the ever-familar room, and had me clip my bangs back with a barrette. Then she took out a marker, and asked me if I wanted it totally vertical, or at an angle, and after I told her I wanted it at an angle on my right brow, she marked it off. And the whole time she was doing this she was telling me and my mom all about her, and how she got started, and then about her daughter. She was really sweet and comfortable to be around. She got the jewlery ready and had me lay down. Then Letha put the clamp on my eyebrow and told me to take deep breaths, and just 'relax myself and tell her when i was ready.' Well, i figured the pain will be the same now as it will be a minute from now, so I told her to just do it. So she did. I was surprised because it didn't hurt as much as I expected it to... but it still wasn't painless. It had a sharp sting to it, and it actually made my right eye water. But other than that, it was cool except it bled quite a bit, and was pretty puffy. Actually, I didn't expect it to bleed as much as it did. Probably because my tongue and labret didn't bleed at all. But when Letha pulled the cotton off my eyebrow and I saw all the blood, I was like "WOAH!" So after the bleeding slowed, I got up, went out to the main room and paid her. Then her and my mom were talking about a tattoo my mom wants, so I sat there, holding the cotton to my brow, with my bangs sticking straight out from being clipped up while i was being pierced. I musta been a sight! But all in all, it's been worth it. I've been icing it alot the whole day, and just rinsing around the balls with a q-tip. But it's a nice piercing, and I suggest it to anybody who wants it done. :) Happy Piercing. Notes from Jadia: After the piercing, I generally couldn't feel anything up on my brow, but by 8 it was kinda throbbing, so I took some advil, which helped a great bit. Also be sure to get ice on it immediatly after you get out of the piercing place, or even ask your piecer if they have ice. Letha would've given me ice, but there wasn't any left. And be sure to clean it good after the bleeding stops. Just using water and a q-tip worked for me. I wet the q-tip and wiped around both of the balls to get rid of the dried blood. TIP FROM LETHA: Wash the bottom ball first, since this tends to accomadate more stuff then the top ball. Also, no matter what anybody says, don't sleep on it. It tends to get rubbed and moved around, and that's not great for a healing piercing. Also, don't wear bandaids over it, unless they're the breathable kind. And taking vitamins helps too. So remember... getting a piercing doesn't mean just getting pierced and just letting it do what it wants. It's like a pet, you gotta take care of it. And those are my final words. Enjoy your piercings! Actually, I guess those would be my final words!)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 17 July 2000
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Letha+%28owner%29
Studio: Kalamalka+Studios
Location: Bellingham%2C+WA

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