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It really didn't hurt...

Well, I'll start this off by saying I'm terrified of needles but I'm fascinated with all forms of body modification, especially piercing. I've been wanting to get my eyebrow pierced for about a year now, and my mom decided, what the hell, I'll let you get it done on your birthday, which isn't until February. I had researched numerous piercing studios in my area, and I talked to my friend who has just recently gotten her belly button pierced. I asked my mom to call the place where she got hers done, and they refused to do it until I would turn 15 anyway. I wouldn't accept that as an answer... it would mean that my mom won the "piercing struggle". I overwhelmed my mom with a bunch of research and FAQs that she could read and hopefully she'd let me get my eyebrow pierced during the summer so it could have a chance to actually heal properly. I also showed her pictures from BME, and I tried to let her surf around on the site herself, but that's near impossible, she just doesn't get how to do it. My dad thinks they look okay, so I at least had his approval if I wanted to let him take me to a piercing studio... but that would just piss my mom off a lot because she's the big "decision maker". I think she was kind of against the eyebrow because it's a facial piercing and she thinks that'll eliminate me from certain employment opportunities. I could care less. She'd let me get a tattoo before a simple eyebrow piercing! Being a clever smart ass, I got into a bod-mod conversation with my mom and my stepbrother, who has a few tattoos now and mentioned that the studio he gets his tattoos from also does piercing. I then asked my mom if I could get my eyebrow done at the same place, and she said sure, I'll take you there on Friday (today). Of course she had no faith in me, she thought she'd take me there and I'd totally chicken out of the whole needle-through-the-brow thing. I decided to go to a different place, I didn't really know if the piercer there was reputable. My mom took things into her own hands and looked through the phone book, finding a studio with an all- female crew. She called them up, and they said they'd pierce me even though I'm 14 as long as I have some form of I.D and something to prove I'm my mother's daughter, lol. About four hours ago, my mother took me to South Side Tattoo and she told whoever was at the desk that I wanted to get my eyebrow pierced. We then got the "I won't sue you if my eyebrow falls off" papers. Well, after I got her to sign the papers I guess she realized I wasn't going anywhere and I wouldn't leave until I had a nice new hole in my head. Eventually, after a 20-minute wait, I was taken into a small room with one of those creepy dentist- like chairs waiting for me. The piercer told me to sit in it, and I was just shaking in my sandals but I still had a great deal of determination. I looked over at all of her supplies, just to make sure it was sterile and fresh and whatnot, and then I saw the biggest needle. All I could think about was seeing that thing poke through my head. Eeeek. After I picked out a CBR, plain silver or whatever with a green jewel, she sterilized it and then we discussed placement. Basically, I let my mom decide because I was too nervous and I guess she picked a nice spot. Jewels, the piercer, then marked me with a marker and cleaned the area. I closed my eyes after she clamped my eyebrow, and I grabbed my mom's hand. Before I could squeeze her hand, it was already over -- just a slight pinch. I was totally shocked. I looked in a mirror and saw a huge needle sticking out of my head and I couldn't feel a damn thing! I've read some experiences on BME that said the most painful part was inserting the ring, but that didn't hurt at all. After she screwed the jewel on, I had the biggest grin on my face. We went over the aftercare, wash and rotate it twice a day, first with antibacterial soap, then betadine, and then some more antibacterial soap. We also talked about migration, which I've read plenty about and I was on my way. My mom made me to go the grocery store with her after, and it seems to draw a lot of attention. I can't wait until I get more piercings -- it really is addictive. After the actual piercing it only hurt for about an hour and that was just a dull pain. I barely notice it's there now, unless I accidentally bump it and that hurts like a bitch. NEVER bump it! If you decide to get an eyebrow piercing, go for it, but don't get it just to impress someone else. Do it for yourself. If you have any questions, email me.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 July 2000
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Jewels
Studio: South+Side+Tattoo
Location: Pittsburgh%2C+Pennsylvania

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