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Eyebrow at 14, Labret at 15.

Hi, my name is Leslie. I am 15 years old and very into body modification. It all started as a joke when I was around nine or ten. I was watching the local skateboarders outside my window when I saw a guy with blue hair and a nose ring. I then went to my dad and told him that I wanted that too. That's when my facination all began....... When I was about 13, I had seen some eyebrow piercings on people around town ect. I really like the way that it looked, so I went to my mom who is a very open-minded individual and told her what I desired. Since her and my dad are split, she told me to discuss it with him first. I made a couple of deals with him, and for my 14th birthday, he sent me a check for 50 dollars to get it done. (Thankz dad!!!) So, off I was with my mom to get it done. We went to my first shop of choice, The Enchanted Dragon in Sierra Vista who does excellent work. As I walked through the doors, I was so excited I could hardly contain myself. But my excitement soon crashed down when the body piercer told me that even with consent, I had to be 16 due to statutory rape laws and penetrating the body of a minor. Well, I tried every other shop within a hundred mile distance from sierra vista, but no luck. But luckily, I was taking a trip to Las Vegas shortly there after. (come on, it's sin city, I was positve they would do it!!) So, the trip came. I was there for about 2 days before I could not take it anymore. I had to be pierced. So, we went to this lovely little place called Las Vegas Tattoo Company in the ghetto of Las Vegas. I was shady on the idea of the place piercing me, until I walked in. When I walked through the doors, everything was very clean to my surprise. I asked the piercer Jeremy, to see the autoclave/latest spore test ect. Everthing was just peachy. So we paid the 45 dollars, picked out the jewlrey, and Jeremy took me back to a nice little private room. I was very excited..... He had me lay down on a nifty little doctor table and told me to relax. He went and washed his hands and put on a pair of latex gloves. He then swabed the area with an alcohol swab, replaced his gloves with new ones, and cleaned the area with Betadine. He wiped it off with more alcohol, and grabbed a package of sterile clamps off his little tray. I watched him open them, and he told me he was going to place them on my eyebrow and mark the spots. After he did this, he changed his gloves again, and I watched him open the needle from a package. He then pulled my eyebrow out with the clamps and told me to take three deep breaths, on the third, he would pierce. ONE, TWO, THREE!!! Feels slight pressure but no pain as needle is jammed through eyebrow Wow!! No pain??!?? I was so shocked when he told me he just had to put the ball on!!! It didn't hurt at all!!! He then read me my aftercare instructions, told me do's and do not's and then I was on my merry way.

Wow, I loved it soooo much!! I had finally achieved my goal of body art!!! Since then I have had my Labret pierced which I also love to death(thanks Shammus!) I recomend either of the two piercings to anyone out to be modificated!!! However, the labret piercing is a little more painful than the eyebrow. The labret piercing came about half a year later. I wanted my tongue pierced. My mom was not too terribly big on the idea. Being the free thinker she is, she is also a nurse who has seen some pretty bad infections. So, we went to the mall one day, and came across my good friend Kyle who has his labret done. I introduced Kyle to my mom, and she said she liked his stud. She asked him a bunch of questions about it, and told me she would let me get that done instead of my tongue. I really liked that one too, but once again I had to convince my dad. So after making some more deals with the old man, I went to Vermont this summer and he took me to have it done. I am in love with it, and am having no regrets about having it done instead of my tongue. Thanks for reading!!!! And thanks mom and dad for letting me be the individual that I am and acepting me for who I am!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 July 2000
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Shamus
Studio: body+art+studio
Location: downtown+Burlington+VT

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