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What a cool birthday gift!

lways been fascinated with bodypiercing. I never thought that I'd actually get pierced though.A few days before my birthday I had a dream that I got my eyebrow pierced for my birthday and it was really cool,so I really wanted to get it done. The hard part was asking my parents.I was sure that my Mom would say no but I decided to ask anyway. I asked Mom how she felt about eyebrow piercings.She said she thought they were cute. I was like ok so can I get it done? She called my Dad and after they talked for a while they said they'd think about it. I went online to BME and a bunch of other sites to read up on eyebrow piercings. I was so sure that I wanted it done. I told my parents about the procedure and how I would take really good care of it and stuff. My Dad said people would think I was a freak but I didn't care because I really wanted it. On my birthday my Dad woke me up and told me it was ok for me to get it pierced. I couldn't believe it! My mom said she really didn't like it that much but I could do it if I wanted to. I was really happy and I called my friend Donella to tell her the news. After that we checked around for the best place for me to get pierced. I chose to go to Carolyn's Bodypiercing and Hair Salon. The Lady said I could come in at 3:00.

At 3:00 I was waiting anxiously in a chair. I couldn't wait to get it done. This girl asked how old I was and I told her that it was my 14th birthday. She told me happy birthday and gave me and Mom some papers to sign.Then she asked what I was getting pierced and if I wanted a ring or a barbell. I chose a barbell and I got a 16ga which is about medium sized.After that I had to wait about 15 minutes for them to get everything ready. They called me in and I sat down in this little green chair. I was a little nervous when I saw all the needles but I felt better when I saw that the needle Carolyn would be using on me was small. Carolyn showed us that everything was sterile. My aunt had came in to watch because my Mom has a weak stomach. Carolyn cleaned and numbed my eyebrow. Next she got the clamp and clamped it pretty tight on my eyebrow but it didn't hurt at all. She said she was gonna put the needle in so I took a deep breath and blew air out slowly and forcefully as she put it through. Then she put the barbell in and screwed the little ball on it. I didn't feel a thing! But after she took the clamp off I got a little dizzy so she put a cold towel on me.(It's normal to get dizzy )I sat there for a few minutes before getting up and my aunt had to sit down to because she almost fainted. When I looked in the mirror I was so happy. It looked so cool! She said it would heal in six weeks and I hafta put this piercing fluid stuff on it about 3 times a day. I hafta turn it a lot too. She said to put ice on it if it hurt and not to put anything else on it. Then we paid for it out of my birthday money and I went home. It costed 53.00 for everything. I called Donella when I got home and told her everything about it. When she found out it wasn't so bad, she decided she is gonna get hers pierced as soon as she can. It didn't hurt at all! I swear I haven't felt any pain and it's been pierced for a week now! It didn't bleed any either. I love it and it is so worth it! It looks really good. If anyone plans on getting their eyebrow pierced, go for it cuz it'll be the best thing you've ever done. you'll love it! Sometimes people give me weird looks cuz nobody around here has their eyebrow pierced but I think most of them are just scared of me. Some people say I'm crazy and they call me a freak. Well I'm a crazy freak but they're dumbasses so we're about even. Well that was my wonderful experience! It doesn't hurt, it's easy to take care of, and it looks great! Get yours done as soon as you can! e-mail me if ya have any questions!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 June 2000
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Carolyn
Studio: Carolyn%27s+Bodypiercing+and+Hair+Salon
Location: Harlan+Kentucky

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