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Me an' my eyebrow

irst off I'll mention that I'm 15 and have my ear and eyebrow pierced. I went through a lot of trouble to get them done, and a lot more trouble taking care of my eyebrow (a bit of an odd story). It all started in the summer of 99, I had just started getting into really weird stuff concerning body modification and just image in general. I really liked body piercings, but also the look of colored hair and such, and that's how I started. My parents are the type of people that don't enjoy drawing attention to yourself in weird ways, pretty much all the ways I'm interested in. My aunt on the other hand loves that sort of thing. She told me to get a long list of piercings and bought me a bottle of sapphire blue hair dye, which of course I'm not allowed to use. So I approached my parents mentioning hair dying, I wanted green. After a long fight we ended up going to my aunt, who happens to run a hair salon, and asked her about it. She mentioned that green doesn't look good after washing, but a nice red looks great. So we got my hair dyed a sort of copper color and went on from here. Of course, because this didn't look very "different" I wasn't totally happy with it. The next time I got it dyed was a few months later, around August. It needed redying as it was very faded, and my mother took me and let me get it done on my own whilst she shopped. I decided that since she was gone I could be a little more free and asked to dye it, I guess you would say, Ronald McDonald red. My mother was not happy upon her return. But she didn't really mind, and agreed I looked good with it. My dad on the other hand, didn't like it at all. A few months later my grandfather was on his way up from Florida to visit, so my parents wanted the dye out. I agreed on one condition (here's the nifty part), that I be allowed to get piercings. Well thankfully they agreed, but I would have to wait until my grandfather was gone. So I waited a while and then my dad and I ran up to the local piercing place to get it done. The owner, Mike, was an incredibly nice guy, and told me to pick my jewelry and we would get going immediatly. Being that the eyebrow piercing would most likely hurt more, I decided to get that done first. He marked my eyebrow and said, "take a breath and count to three." I took a breath, and on "one" the needle was in. Next to the jewelry, and here is where we hit a snag. Apparently the jewelry I chose (a 16g ring) is larger than the average pierced eyebrow hole, so it took considerable effort to get it in. No blood, but a bit painful. The ear went without a hitch. The stage with the pierced jewelry wasn't that difficult, but I was stupid enough to go against all advice and play with the dang thing a few hundred times a day, leading it to heal very slowly, with a nice swollen face for around a week. Also, sleeping is difficult with a fresh eyebrow ring, especially ones on the outer parts of the eyebrow. If you sleep on your face, be careful of rolling. With mine, it hurt a lot less if I made sure it was flat on my face toward the inside, as the ring didn't have as far to fold, if you understand what I'm saying. DEFINITELY do not use alcohol to clean, that doesn't help at all. Use any sort of unscented antibacterial soap and anything the piercer might give you. Alcohol makes it worse. I was told by Mike to wait 6 weeks without changing jewelry. I of course, waited only 4 weeks before changing to a curved barbell. No problems there (oh, but I went from an 18g to a 14g in my ear, with a curved barbell with a screw-in tip, really hurt, good bit of blood), but then, about 3 weeks later I went up to a 14g curved barbell. That really hurt as I was not fully healed and I ended up poking around half blindly since I couldn't judge where the bottom hole was. I was trying to push it through, but an obvious bulge from the end of the bar could be seen as I missed the hole. I also found out, by asking another piercing pro, that a 14g is very rarely seen in an eyebrow, at least in his experience, so I knew I was in for some complications. As my eyebrow reached the "hard scar-tissue tube stage" I figured it was ripe to straighten the whole out, only to find out I was WRONG. It left a very visible bump on my face and hurt INCREDIBLY badly, as the scar/scab was bent at a weird angle then. If I took the bar out and pushed on it, a small "crack" could be heard, from the scar/scab going back to normal shape. After a few weeks of healing (5 or 6) the tube is finally gone and I'm fully healed, perfectly happy with my new piercings. So as a lesson to everyone hoping to bargain a piercing, start smaller, and agree to stop that if you can get pierced. Another lesson, avoid stretching your eyebrow, it reeeeeeally hurts.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 June 2000
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Mike+%28I+don%27t+know+his+last+name%29
Studio: Matthew%27s+Party+Tattoo+and+body+Piercing
Location: Johnstown+PA

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