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New hole in my face

. for a long time now i have been thinking about letting someone stab me. and since yesterday was my eighteenth birthday, I decided to go ahead and do it. so... me and my friends brian and travis all stayed at my house tuesday night and watched fight club and went to bed at about 2. well at about 6 in the morning my mom and dad called from out of town, at 8 my grandma called, and at 10 someone else called... you know that after you're woken up so many times it's impossible to go back to sleep right? so there goes the whole plan of "let's get some rest". oh well. so, we get up and finish the movie because we had all fallen asleep the night before... you know, to help us wake up. so then around 12 i went to get a happy birthday hair cut... which by the way, i told lynn to cut it a little short... but that's ok. then we all left on our long journey across town on 35. so... we pull up to the studio and there is no one else there... just us and the employees, i guess 1:30 is just too early for some wusses to get stabbed. but not i... hahaha. so we go in and tell the guy what we needed and he showed us the jewelry, which by my taste is just 2 gages too small. he said they would pierce it at a 16g, and i wanted a 14g. oh well i can always change the jewelry later. so me and brian both decided on 16g 3/8 curved bars... so we payed for our stuff... got our provon and sea salt, and followed the guy back to the room, which by the way looked nothing like a dentists office. so, we get in and the guy asks... "so, which one of you guys are going first?" thankfully brian volunteered! so brian sits down, and the guy washes, gloves, pulls packages and gets cleaning stuff... everthing was great, it was all packaged sepparate, even the q-tips and toothpick were pakaged... the guy starts cleang brians eye and all that, then he marks it... we both agreed that mine and his marks were a little far off to the edge and ask the guy to pierce it closer to the bridge the guy said cool, marks it again and it was ok. then the guy says, "ok you're going to have to lie down for this part" by that time i was standing by the door gettin a little nervous, but brian lays down and the guy was like, "ok, i'm not going to pull any suprises on you, i'm just relaxing your eye." so he's standing there messing with brians eyebrow... then he says, "i'm just getting this lined up now... ok, take a deep breath, now exhale slowly" and sudenly a new hole appeared over brians left eye. so then i guess it was my turn. so i sat down after the guy cleaned everything, he took out the new needle and stuff... washed, and gloved again. then cleaned and marked me. it was ok the second time. he said lay down and rubbed my eyebrow, then said the same ol' stuff and then he jabbed me. it didn't hurt as bad as i thought it would... i'm not going to lie, it did hurt some... i think the worste part though was when he was getting ready to do it his hand was right in my face... i though he might stick his pinkie in my eye or something. i said "wow, that was some good stuff... (quite sarcasticaly, by the way, mary ann) then got up... we asked a few q's then left... altogether though it was really great. my friend slappy, big t, tra, or whatever he wants to be called (i prefer molo) was there taking pictures which hopefully i will be sending BME one soon. so, since it was wednesday i got to go to church that night. i was a little more nervous about that i think that anything else, because we play games after the lesson, and sometimes they get pretty physical! but, i sat there listning to lesson... and james, it was great! and then after that i sat down and watched everyone else play quad ball, which is the greatist game in the world. i was a little sad that i couldn't play, i guess i could have but you know, a fresh piercing and a pretty physical game that includes a large ball flying at supersonic speeds just don't go together! i have somethings to say to my friends now, so if you don't know me... you probably won't get them. to james: it was GRAND.

to briska: no, i didn't hyperventilate, thanks for asking though. to pops: you did raise a good kid, that's why i love ya. to tabby: all i have to say is... hahaha, you're soo gulable.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 June 2000
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: A+pretty+cool+bald+guy+at+23rd+street
Studio: 23rd+street
Location: N+side+okc

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