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Ah! I've been pierced!

y I thought, it was Friday morning and I had the day off from school. I asked my parents about a month ago and they said that in a month they'd let me get my eyebrow done. It wasn't something I just decided I wanted done, but I wanted it done, done now! Mom drove me down to the piercing place and we walked in. The tattoo artist showed me my options of jewelry, and told me about the procedure. He also said that the piercer guy wouldn't be there for another two hours. I was disappointed, I started to get all excited and then to find out the piercer dude wasn't even here! The guy told me I should eat before I come back so I did. Two hours later I came back, but the piercer guy still wasn't there! The tattoo artist said that he was out for lunch and should be back in no more then 5 minutes. So I waited, and waited. 20 minutes must have passed and then finally a guy in his early twenties walked in. It's probably a good idea he walked in when he did, because I could feel that I was starting to get nervous, and I would have backed out. He asked if he could help me and I told him I wanted my eyebrow pierced. He got a piece of paper with some writing on it for me and my mom to sign and went back to get prepared. By now I felt like a was going to throw up and my stomach was doing wierd things... Five minutes later he told me to come back and have a seat. Mom told him to make sure I didn't fall over and smash my face or something if I fainted. He never really talked to me, much which made me a bit nervous. I could see him sterilizing the equipment out of the corner of my eye. He asked me which side I wanted pierced. I told him and he marked two dots where the needle would go through and come out. He held a mirror up and asked if I liked where it was. I told him to move it down my eyebrow a bit more, and he did. He asked me the same question again and I said that I liked it. He tested the clamp on his hand (or something) and clamped it onto my eyebrow. . But the clamp wouldn't stay on my eyebrow so he had to put it on like 8 times (this is the part that hurt the most, maybe I'm a complete wuss because the clamp hurt like hell!). He told me to take a deep breath, and I tried to but all I could think about was "I'm going to faint, I'm going to faint", just when I was thinking that I opened my eyes and felt the needle on my cheek, so I closed them again. All the pressure from the clamp was off and he said "okay, it's done", all I could said was "what?". Yes it was done, I didn't feel the needle or the ring going through or nothing. He held a mirror up for me to look in, and I had a smile on my face that touched ear to ear. I was surprised that it was red or didn't even bleed. Then I felt a little lightheaded. I told him and he let me lie back. Five minutes later I was up and walking. He ran over the list of stuff I should do every day so it doesn't become infected, but I wasn't really listening, because I still thought I was going to faint. Anyways I never did faint. It's been about 6 weeks since I've gotten it done, and I love it! It bleed a couple times because I caught it on my shirt. It does get in the way a lot though. And it hurts a lot whenever I hit it by accident. If no one's talking about it I totally forget it's even there. If you're thinking about getting it done, I'd say go for it! If you're questioning about how much it hurts then you probably shouldn't go get it pierced. You probably want to know what my friends and parents thought about it...Well my friends never knew I got it done till I asked them to go go the mall and they all were shocked, but they seemed to liked it. My parents weren't crazy about the idea but I think by now they're used to it! Make sure before you get yours done (or any piercing) make sure the equipment is sterile! Now I need to decide what I want to get pierced next! :) Feel free to ask me any questions, -Meisha


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 June 2000
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Marc
Studio: Krystal+Blade+Studios
Location: Canada

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