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My Purdy Hoop

I was about 10, I have always felt like I wasn't in the "in" crowd. I have felt kind of like I should "make up" for it, meaning that if they weren't going to like me, they were going to HAVE to look at me anyway. Even if it was just to call me a freak. I have never liked anyone other then me to inflict pain on me, other then me, so I have always pierced my ears myself, and just recently I have gotten my 7th hole. Until about a year ago I was more then happy with the way I was, but I started to feel like I need more. Even though I'm a "risk taker" (or so I'm told) I try not to screw up too much and try to be as responsible as possible. I had been BEGGING my mom to take me to get a really cool piercing, and finally the day came when she said, "tell me when and where. And I'll see if I think I can stand looking at you with more metal hanging out of your face." I was ecstatic! Finally, after what seemed like forever and a day, my mom was going to think about it! For the longest time I had thought labrets were the coolest thing since ice, but I just couldn't imagine myself with one. So I decided the eyebrow was probably the safest thing to do. I had been to BME just about every day looking at them and swooning over them. I could imagine how I would look, and what people were going to say and how they were going to look at me...and I loved it already. My mom at first wasn't crazy about it, but after I had done my homework and visited countless sites on the Internet, and did a school report on them, she was convinced it was something I really wanted and gave me the ok. I called everywhere I could find, and because I am 14, wouldn't do it even if my mother was standing there. I was beyond fed-up, and told my mom I was just going to go into someplace with her and see if they would do it if I was there, and saw she was there...well you get the idea. AND LOW AND BEHOLD IT WORKED! I went to a few places before I was satisfied with what I saw. Not a single one of them asked for my age! It was the a little tattoo studio at the end of a bridge. (Sounds promising, no?) After a whole day of driving around and being disappointed with what I saw, "Foxie's Piercing Den" looked like the place to be. The piercer wasn't there when we first stopped in, but the guy who was there told us to come back in 20 minutes and she should be back from her break. So we left, got lost, and eventually found or way back. I was much calmer then I thought I'd be....or at least until it came down to the time when I had to sit down in the dentist type char. I felt my heart race, and I got all hot and blotchy. Melanie, my piercer, told me what she was doing as she did it, and made it as fast as possible. I wasn't trying to listen though, I was paying more attention to the small room reeking of rubbing alcohol, and my mom's face getting crunched up as she watched her prep me. I closed my eyes as I heard her ask if I was ready, and tried to pay attention to only my breathing as she put her hand on my cheek to steady her hand. I knew she was talking to me while my eyes were closed, but I wasn't paying attention at all. Before I had time to cringe I felt cold when the clamp went on, and then the smallest pinch I have ever felt. I let out a huge sigh of relief, as she put the hoop in and I felt so relieved that I went through it! I got all my after care instructions, and paid the lady, and left with the biggest smile on my face. I couldn't help but to stare at myself in everything that had a reflection in it. The best part was, my mom actually liked it, her exact words were "it's kinda' pretty honey." It's been exactly 2 weeks today and the swelling has completely gone down, and the bruise I had is finally going away. Since this is a pretty small southern town, not many people agree with a 14 year old having such a "hard" piercing, but I haven't regretted having it done for a millisecond, even after I caught it on my pillow! ~Dana~


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 June 2000
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Melanie
Studio: Foxie%27s+Piercing+Den
Location: Grafton%2C+VA

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