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Just a slight itch ! :o)

re, I had been thinking of getting my eyebrow pierced for some time. I never was a tatoo or piercing kind of guy. I mean i have some edge to a certain extent in my personnality but i'd never thought something like a piercing would change anything. My ears aren't even pierced cause i don't think it'd look good on me. But lately, as i like to observe people and above all the way they dress, i began to think an eyebrow ring would be a cool/sexy addition to my body and a good extension of my clothing style. Not to mention the fact that i think it looks so sexy on a girl along with a navel or nose ring. So anyway, i went down to this place wich seemed really cool and had been mentioned to me by someone i know and i really liked how i felt about the place and the people there. The way it's decorated and everything makes you feel comfortable and at ease almost like in your living room and the girl who answered me was really good and really gave me crisp and clear informations on what type of jewelry to get and also what gauge to put, not to mention she also was gorgeous but unfortunately i was with a girlfriend at that time. And as i looked at the diffrent jewels i became more and more convinced. I also came to this website and read about other people's experiences and thought i'd go for it no matter if the story would be the same for me. All i can say is the stories you'll read here about good experiences from getting pierced are true. And it happens by the book exactly like how people write it did for them. Let me tell how it exactly went for me.

After i'd chosen the type and colour of ring i wanted, i had to fill out a form mainly to discharge the place from any complications i might have as a result of the procedure and also to see if you're in the proper state of mind to do this. Then the piercer calls you into this little room and prepares the stuff. He asked me to sit on the little doctor bed and asked wich side i wanted to be pierced (the left i answered) and he drew two little dots to show you where he's gonna put the ring. After i checked myself in a mirror and gave him my approval he rubbed my eyebrow with some humid gauze to desinfect it, then he showed me the little package containing the needle and he said "look: sealed, (he then opened the package) unsealed!" He asked me to lay down and to turn my head slightly to the right. He then put a clamp, (most annoying part of the procedure) left it there as he was preparing the needle and said "take a deep breath". As i inhaled he got the needle through and it didn't hurt at all. The pain is less then when you go at the hospital to get some blood drawn out of your veins. Then he passes the ring, clips the bead and that's it. All the procedure in less than 10 min. He then explained to me all the aftercare procedures and to come back in two weeks for a check-up. It's been three weeks now and all it did was pinch a little when i was touching it ungently and there was a little bit of white secretion that came out during two days but only after i showered. I admit i was a bit afraid of the pain when i first touch it, cause you have to turn it to clean the part of the ring that's in your skin but to my surprise it still didn't hurt. I slept on my back and right side for about a week, wich i found a little annoying cause i like to be all over the bed when i sleep but now i can sleep with my face in the pillow if i want and there's just a slight itch like when a little wound or scratch heals. In conclusion, i had a great experience with that so far and i would recommend the procedure to everyone who is tented by having this kind of piercing. I also recommend the place i went to if you're in the Montreal area cause i think it's the best in town. The girlfriend i was with at that time went to get a tatoo that same evening at another place where they also do some piercing and i was sure glad there was other places like the one i went to in town cause i wouldn't have got pierced at that tatto shop.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 June 2000
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Unfortunately%2C+i+don%27t+know+his+name
Studio: Percage+esthetique
Location: Montreal%2C+Qc.

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