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An adorable eyebrow piercing

ook back, I had wanted my eyebrow pierced for as long as I can remember. Even after months of pleading with my Mom when I was 16, I STILL wasn't allowed. So, when I turned 18, the anxiety finally got to me and I had to have it done! I had procrastinated it for so long, I'm a real chicken shit when it comes to needles, especially for shots or something, but eventually my want for this piercing outweighed my fears.so one day while I was hanging out with my cousin, I had some extra cash so I was like, fuck it, let's go get my eyebrow pierced, ya know, for shits and giggles. I was really nervous when I first got to Totem, but Ruth and everyone there was great. I felt really welcome, not out of place at all. I explained to her when I wanted done and they talked to me about what it was going to be like afterwards, the healing etc. Then, after much internal deliberation I chose my jewelry. I ended up picking a 16g circular barbell. I wanted something different, but not too wacky so my Mom wouldn't be too mad. Next Ruth led me and my cousin to the piercing room where we chatted more about the healing (6-8 weeks for complete healing, cleaning it daily with soap and water, but not over ceaning it, and not using alcohol or peroxide) while she set out the tools she was going to use: the clamp, the needle, all the sterilization stuff and her cute pink rubber gloves. After she had sterilized her tray and everything, she changed her gloves and explained to me all that was going to happen. I was rather nervous at this point, but I must say, I handled myself well.

Next, Ruth marked the place where she recommended that she pierce. A little slanted so it lays right and on the end of the borw, but not too shallow. I agreed with the placement and she grabbed the clamp. I had heard that the clamp was the worse pain of the piercing cause a friend of mine had recently gotten it done, but it didn't hurt at all, so I relaxed after that knowing that the piercing would be a breeze. I gripped onto my cousin's hand cause I'm a sissy anyway, and braced myself for the needle. As I took a deep breath, Ruth slip the needle in effortlessly and corked the end. It'd hadn't hurt a bit! Of course I felt it, but it was NOTHING like I had thought it would be. Quick and nearly painless. She then reached for the jewelry and slowly exchanged the needle for the barbell. It looked great, aside from the initial swelling of course :) The swelling was gone after the first night and the pircing began to lay right on my brow. At school the next week I was informed that if I didn't take out the jewelry for Gym class I couldn't graduate....Bummer. But there was no way I was gonna give into high school politics, so I devised and evil plan. I recommend this plan to all :) It worked rather well. I went back to Totem and had Ruth change my circular to a curved 16g 5/8 barbell so that all that showed was the balls. Then I bought another curved barbell (keep this in mind) and a bottle of some crazy organic piercing ointment. When I went to school, I put my plan into effect. I told my gym teacher that I had talk to my piercer and that she had said 'as long as when I took the jewelry out, I doused the piercing in the ointment and put a band-aid over it, it would be fine and it wouldn't close up during class', which of course was a lie. But after I put a band-aid over the jewelry, and handed her the second DECOY barbell (there's the key) she fell for it and I did that everyday for the rest of the year.
I loooove my eyebrow piercing and will never let it close. I'm even contemplating a second in the same eyebrow. My Mom has even grown to like it. Eventually I changed the jewelry almost permantly to a 16g curved barbell for more versatility in my oh so active life (sleeping etc), but I still love the look of my circular. On girls I think the piercing looks glamorous, and on guys, a curved barbell looks great! I dunno what I'd do w/o mine! I recommend this piercing and Totem Tattoo to everyone, especially those just starting out with body modification. They make you feel very comfortable and welcome, at any of thier Pa locations. Thanx Ruth! Happy Piercing! Manda


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 June 2000
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Ruth
Studio: Totem+Tattoo
Location: Williamsport%2C+Pa

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