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Me, myself, and my eyebrow.

will try not to make this as boring as all the others but it is a bit hard. Anyway I discovered the lovely eyebrow look about 4 or 5 months ago. I decided to research it and find out as much info as possible. I went to BME and read evey single experience and thought I could handle it. So I decided to confront my mom (since Im underage) and the minuet I told her she nearly shit a brick. She said no about a thousand times but I kept asking. She said that I had to be more responsible and she said that I had to research it. But little did she know that I had. And not only that, but I had been making a Power Point presentation. It was 30 slides and descussed the pros and cons. I got all dressed up and I presented it to them in a very rofessional manner. I know that I must seem like a total nerd but hey you do what you have got to do to get your way. I think that was the kicker because on my 15th birthday they told me that I could get it pierced. I had already picked out a piercer from the phone book. They were called "Body Creations". They seemed friendly on the phone and their ad was nice. But since I knew exactly what to look for, if they weren't up to the standards I was out of there. So we went the next day. But that was so busy for me. I had to attend my brothers basketball game and I had a party later that night. So after a two hour drive me and my very anxious dad went into Body Creations. It was not what I was expecting. Hell, it looked more like a doctors office than a piercing parlor so I felt safe. They had a huge selection of jewlry but I picked the cheapest one there. A plain silver 16 gauge captive ball ring. We go in and talk to the nice man who let me pick out he ring and get the aftercare stuff. All in all it cost my dad $40 and that is not too bad. We follow this guy back and I sit down in the "dreaded chair". I was really worried about cleanliness because I have read so many horror stories about infections an crap, but this guy put on new gloves about three times durring the proceedure. He also cleaned eveything multiple times and used a brand new needle. He was so incredibly clean, I could not believe it! Since I had done so much research here on BME I knew exactly what to look for and wasn't scared at all. Then he started to clean and mark my poor eyebrow. I agreed with the placement and he then told me exactly what was going to happen. This helped a lot. I began to breathe and when I exhaled he pushed the needle through. I am not going to sit here and tell you that it did not hurt because it did. If a needle is shoved through your face of cource it is going to hurt. But it was over in a second and then it felt fine. There was some minor bleeding but I got over that. I looked so cool and I couldn't stop staring at it. We thanked the man and left. On the car ride home I had this huge smile plastered on may face. I finally got my way and had a new hole in my face. Well here I am it is 1 o'clock in the morning and I have had this piece of metal sticking out of my forehead for about 12 hours. I dont htink some of my friends like it but oh well. I have cleaned ut already and it wasn't that bad but rotating the ring hurt a little bit but it felt more wierd than anything. They gave me some sea salt to use on it and this weird cream stuff. I only jave to do it once a day which helps but I clean it in the shower with anti-bacterial soap too. It hasn't swelled up and it is not red, it doesn't even hurt that much. I can barely feel it. I dont even relize it's there until I llok in the mirron and I see the hoop protruding form my skull. I am so glad I did it. For anyone out there who is thinking about it, then just do it. Its worth it and if your worried about the pain....well there really is none. Im the biggest wuss ever and I can do it. If oyou hve a higher tollerence for pain then you could do it with out breaking a sweat. Well if you have any questions or commentions about getting your eyebrow pierced or anything like it e-mail me anytime. Sam


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 June 2000
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: I+don%27t+remember
Studio: Bosdy+Creations
Location: Phoenix%2C+Arizona

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