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My Eyebrow Hurts....

am Olenka. I guess I am supposed to write about my eyebrow piercing. This experience was only one week ago, and frankly, one of the best experiences of my life. A bunch of my friends and I took a trip to New York City, and were wandering around not knowing what to do. So, we decided to check out one of those piercing places in NYC that we've heard so much about. We had a hard time choosing out of all the places around, but I chose one that I thought was great.

There were a lot of people waiting in line for a piercing, so I knew this was a preferred by many. My best friend, Anastasia, wanted her tongue done, but I didn't even know that I was going to get anything pierced. But, I saw the eyebrow piercing that Anastasia's piercer wore, and I fell in love with it. I couldn't stop thinking about as we left the piercing place. We walked around for a while, and on spur of the moment, I jumped and decided that I was going to get it, and I wasn't going to back down. My friends were all surprised, since I wasn't the type to do such a thing, they think I am more of a plain, cheese sandwich and water person. I wanted to go right awaey, and so I dragged them as fast as I could to the piercing place that we were at before. I had the cash, and I wasn't worried at what my parents would do. (After all, I'm 17) I looked at the immaculate piercing that Lucky, the piercer wore, and couldn't wait to get it. I paid, and chose the jewelry I wanted, a beautiful ruby red ring, and hopped in the chair. I waited in the chair for a little while. I wanted Lucky to do my piercing, and so I had to wait because she was piercing another person's tongue. I looked around and my eyes fell on the table where there were many needles and scary looking instruments laying about. It scared me half to death. I wanted the piercing done, but I have been scared of needles for the longest time. Lucky stepped in and said I had nothing to worry about, because those weren't the instruments she was using on me. I relaxed a bit after she told me this. Lucky marked the spot where she decided to place the ring with a marker, and asked if the spot she chose was cool with me. Of course, the spot she chose was perfect, and I agreed. She put a clamp onto my right eyebrow and applied a little pressure and had a little trouble with the ring, but the the whole piercing lasted about a couple of seconds. Lucky knew what she was doing, and presented me with a mirror so I could see my new piercing. It looked a little red, but other than that, it was perfection. I suddenly felt a bit dizzy, and had to lie down for a while, and Lucky brought me a Coca - Cola to stop the dizziness. I told her I was fine now, and wanted to see it again. While I was staring at my piercing, she explained how to care for it. It still stung a little, but the sting went away shortly. I asked why I felt dizzy, and it turns out it was from head rush or something like that, and that it is normal for that to happen to people that have just gotten pierced. When I left the piercing place with my friends, they were raving about it. I have to put Neosporin on my eyebrow piercing everyday, and it has and still is healing beautifully. This piercing stuff is addicting, now I want my navel and my tongue done also. Before I only had my ears pierced twice, now I am going to get a lot more done. Of course, with the same place and with the same person. Now my fear of needles has gone and I am not worried about getting pierced anywhere else, I am excited, and I can't help for my next trip to New York City with my friends so I can get my navel and tongue done, like I said before. Anytime anyone asks me if it hurt, I like to say , "Hell Yea!" (It became a habit...) Any of you who are considering on getting your eyebrow pierced, I have two words for you, "DO IT!" After all, you only got one life to live, right? So, don't worry about it, it will be one of the best things I've ever done in my life, probably THE best. And, if you ever get your eyebrow pierced, e-mail me and tell me if you enjoy the ring as much as I do!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 June 2000
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Lucky
Studio: Forgot+the+Name%21
Location: NYC

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