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Me and my eyebrow!!!!!

have always wanted to get my eyebrow pierced ever since I was 11. I am 16 now and after 5 years of persistent begging I finally convinced my mother. Ever since I was little I was fascinated by body piercings and tattoos and I have always known I was going to get something done sooner or later. I got my ears pierced when I was 7 and really didn't care to much about them till I got to be around 11, when I wanted them pierced a 2nd time and even that, freaked my mom out. She is one of those really straight and narrow people. To her it was always that I wanted to mutilate my body, but I don't see piercings and tattoos as that at all. I feel that they are a beautiful way to express yourself and show everyone something that you love. I had been begging for five years, and I had very recently been talking with my friend about going to get pierced. I was choosing between my labret and my eyebrow, she wanted to get her tongue done. I liked the tongue too but I felt it wasn't for me. So we called around a lot of places trying to find a place that would pierce us with only one parent present, because my father was out of the country and hers did not approve. We eventually, after a lot of calling around and talking to friends who have had piercings done their previously decided on a place in pompano beach called funhouse tattoos. I had driven by their almost every day but never went in. When we called they said they were ocea approved which is what I was looking for, plus they would pierce me at a price I could afford, which was very important. My friend and I decided on may the 20th which was about 4 days away. I went home one day after school and had a talk with my mom. I told her that I am tired of begging and I am going to get my eyebrow pierced whether she approved or not. I made it very clear I would rather her be there because in reality I needed her there to get it. so she finally agreed. And everything was set for the 20. We had it all perfectly planned because I had to attend a school play that night to run the curtain backstage, so everything had to be timed accordingly. I got up the morning of and cleaned which was part of the deal I made with my mom. Than I went to BME to see what I needed to get for the aftercare, and I looked around at pictures for a while. I also decided what kind of jewelry I wanted to get after my eyebrow heals, because I don't want to wear a stainless steel ring for the rest of my eyebrow being pierced days. I wanted something flashy that would look good close up and from far away, basically I wanted something to attract attention, so I decided on an acrylic glow in the dark captive bead ring, in blue of course. So it came down to the day of the piercing, I was so excited and counting down the hours. I had agreed to meet my friend at 1:00 at funhouse. Of course I was late but she was there ready and waiting for me. Before I even got a chance to get out of my mom's car "your going first asshole" popped out of her mouth. Which sounded like a normal greeting coming from her. I didn't care I just wanted to get it done. I think going first made it more exciting, maybe she was scared. So we went inside and looked at the jewelry because the piercer was out and wouldn't be back for another 15 minutes. My mom filled out the paperwork for me and gave it to the lady. They were really strict about my dad not being there. In fact we had to go to the checking store and get a waver form notarized because they wouldn't do it otherwise, which cost another 8 bucks. My mom got really mad at me because she wanted to go home and come back another day, but I wouldn't let her. I came today and I was getting it done today. So finally everything was cool and the piercer was back. We were ready. so the piercer took me back there and he didn't care that everyone wanted to watch which included 4 people, being my friend her mother her older sister who was getting her navel done and my mom. I was just the little spectacle!!!! So he prepped which took about five minutes. The piercer took everything out of sterile packages even the pliers which surprised me. Everything was very clean which made me feel a lot more comfortable, but I wasn't nervous to begin with either, so I guess it was neutralizing. He cleaned my eyebrow with betadine and alcohol than wiped it off. Then he took a marker and asked me what eyebrow, I told him left he put 2 dot on me gave me a mirror and asked me if I liked where it was going to be. Just the dots looked phat. Than he put the clamp on me which I didn't feel. He didn't even tell me when he was going to put the needle through, but it is OK because I didn't even feel it. It was strange because when the needle went in it was like my whole eyebrow went numb or something. It brought a single tear out of my left eye and that was it, but it didn't hurt. It was over in a minute and I was totally satisfied. he gave me care instructions and told me if I had any questions I could call him. My new eyebrow ring looked sweet. Everything was perfect I had my eyebrow ring and it only cost 40 dollars, the only thing I didn't expect was that he was going to pierce it with a 14 gauge needle, I thought it would have been done with something smaller. It doesn't matter now. I love and I am so glad I did it, and didn't let anyone convince me otherwise. It is totally worth it to anyone who wants to get it done. If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me. PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 May 2000
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Gilbert
Studio: Funhouse+Tattoos
Location: Pompano+Beach+FL

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