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Eyebrows R US

. Ever since I was in grade 7 about 11-12 years old I wanted an eyebrow piercing, my mother said yes I was very happy, so I told my cousins I was allowed and they somehow talked me out of it. Well about a month later when I asked my mother again she said NO!! I was so mad, but I thought maybe it was all for the best because my whole family was so old fashioned and would not have approved. So when I was about 15 I was still dying to get my eyebrow pierced so every day I would ask, no was the definite answer.

Then one day when I was in grade 10 (15 years old) I met a girl who also wanted a piercing (tongue). A few months later we became really good friends and eventually started to date (but that's a separate long story.). So one day a friend from school came with a tongue ring, I was like holy shit that's amazing. I asked her where she got it done. She answered with catwalk studios. Well we got into a big long conversation about it you know all the information etc. So I told girlfriend and we planned to go but lack of funds got in the way. So we talked and we talked but nothing really happened.

Well anyway one Friday my girlfriend another friend and I sneaked downtown Toronto, with as much money we could manage to get and a plan. I planned to get my eyebrow pierced and my girlfriend our friend their tongues. We finally got there they were both so scared but I wasn't I was so excited, so I went first I sat down the chair with all the excitement... then the guy clamped my eyebrow and I got scared. Not scared of the pain but all that ran through my head was about what will my mom think, my family (they not knowing where I was.). Well anyway I got it pierced and it was the best thing I ever could of done!! I called my mother on my cell to tell her, but I got the message machine so I left a message. What did it say well here "Hi mom I'm downtown I just got my eyebrow pierced. What do you think about that! What do you think about that!" I guess I still had the adrenaline rushing through my blood cause that was the stupidest thing I could have done, ten minutes later my mother called and yelled "Do you think it's funny do you I told you that you can't your eyebrow pierced etc.!" You know what though I am literally in love with my eyebrow piercing! As for my girlfriend she did get her tongue pierced and she loves her tongue ring. Well as for my other friend she was really scared and she didn't want to get it done so we bitched and yelled trying to convince her to do it, after about half an hour of it we gave up. She did friend chicken out though, and instead of piercing her tongue went and got her navel pierced which is still wicked, but I still think she should have gotten her tongue pierced cause she still wants it. Now I finally have my eyebrow piercing and it's still in the healing process. So one day my girlfriend said why don't you take off the ball just to see what it looks like. I said no cause I was afraid to take it out. So one late night after cleaning my eyebrow I decided to take off the ball. So I did it, it looked all right but I wanted to put it back on, so when I tried to put it back on I couldn't. Every time I tried to put back on it slipped out of my hand, and in one lousy try I dropped it and lost it. It was pretty funny I was that I was walking around for a few days with out the ball. Everybody made fun of me "Ha Seb lost his balls when he was playing with it" and other mean things like that. It was kind of fun though I kept playing with it, at one point I thought I got it stuck in my eyebrow. I kept turning it all the way trough the hole over and over again it was amazing I loved it almost orgasmic! Then one day I was downtown and went into the store Siren and was looking around, I saw a ball that I liked and bought it, it cost nine dollars. So then I went to Stainless Steel so they could help me put it back in, the girl said that it was chipped so she couldn't put it in, she told me I should return it, so I bought one there and it only cost tow dollars and thirty cents. I was so mad they ripped me off, I went back to Sirens to return it. Well it's still in the healing process and I still love it, I suggest anyone who wants to get they're eyebrow pierced. Do it! Now I find out that Catwalk studios got closed down due to rent and sterilization problems, but oh well Well now I want to get my middle lip pierced and a second eyebrow ring. Oh and about my mom what did she do when she saw it she didn't yell but she just excepted it. The rest of my family did the same except my uncle who stopped talking to me. That's okay though I don't like him much anyway (That's our little secret.) Oh and I'm gonna get my navel pierced this weekend, another little secret. Well that's the end of my story about how I waited about 5 years to get my eyebrow pierced. Pretty boring isn't it. Who knows what's next...


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 May 2000
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Me+and+my+stupid+self+forgot%21
Studio: Catwalk+Studios
Location: Toronto%2C+Cananda

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