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I've got a piece of metal through my eyebrow...

en thinking about getting it done for about a year or so, but I had to surpress the urge due to my employer's dress code. It sucked. I hated working in a place where I had to wear uniform shirts and khakis every night, even if it DID get me free movie rentals... Then one weekend I got a call from a friend who was stranded hundreds of miles away in Kentucky, and needed me to come pick him up - I explained this to my boss, but he wouldn't give me the night off, so I just quit. Hey, what are friends for? So, on the way back from Kentucky, Derek (the stranded guy) suggested we stop in at Happy's, a well-reputed tattoo/piercing shop right in the middle of downtown Tupelo, Mississippi. I wasn't too keen on the idea of just walking in without an appointment or research, but I had the money in my pocket, and the desire to get a needle jammed through my flesh, so I eventually agreed to at least go in and check the place out. It was immaculate, and the girl in the front was very helpful. We discussed the procedure in detail and I filled out all the necessary forms. I was thrilled to finally be able to get my eyebrow done... I knew my parents would hate it, both being raised in the crotch of the bible belt (here in Columbus, MS) but hey, I was 18 - screw 'em. I didn't have an employer to answer to, and I'd already moved away from home. Anyway, we go in and I talk to this Happy fellow. He was a really great guy, friendly and very informative. And covered in tattoos! :) After checking out quite a selection, I picked out the jewelry that I wanted (a curved barbell) and jumped up into the chair. Happy took his little flesh-marker and dotted me where he thought it should go, then asked me if the positioning was cool with me. It was, so he grabs his clamps, latches on to my eyebrow, positions his needle and applies pressure. At first, he had a bit of trouble getting the needle to go through, but then it was over. Through. I sat there (staring in the mirror) with this needle through my eye for a moment while he positioned the jewelry and then slipped it in. Next, he covered the whole area with gauze and told me sternly not to remove it for twenty-four hours. Yeah, it hurt a little when he shoved that needle through, but not as much as I'd expected. Nevertheless, I felt this incredible head rush and got just the slightest bit dizzy. Happy broke this ammonia-smelling tube under my nose and let me lay back on a cool, metal table. He told me as I sat there reading my care sheet and chilling out on the table that mine was the toughest skin he'd ever pierced through, and that he'd done hundreds of eyebrows. Derek drove us the rest of the way home, even though I'm pretty sure I could have driven fine. We had already planned him a big welcome home party, but I had to resist the alcohol and turn to more herbal recreation instead (big sacrifice there...) Oh, and that night the bandage bugged the hell out of me, but the next day I was able to rip it off and show everyone the new hole in my head. The first time I cleaned it it hurt a bit, and it had gotten kinda crusty, but every time after that was no problem. Neosporin for the first day, then just rubbing alcohol until it healed (three months) was what he had prescribed. It healed very nicely, and I've enjoyed it ever since. It's been about seven months now, and I've been through the usual assortment of jewelry - curved barbells, spikes, rings, and even a straight barbell with mood stones on each end that my boyfriend got me, but I can't seem to settle for just one yet. The sensation caused by tugging on the jewelry can be very enjoyable, and I have a tendency to play with it absently. Other than that, I've almost forgotten it's there until I'm in a gas station or fast food place and the cashier stares at me until he (she?) finally get up the courage to ask "Did that hurt?" It usually takes me a second to realize what the hell they're talking about, and then I'm prone to say "Hell yeah it hurt, you should try it!" God, the South can be amusing. Anyway, my parents hated it, my little sister thought it was the coolest thing on the planet, and my boyfriend thinks it's sexy on me... I'm still looking for a job, though. -Lyciana


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 May 2000
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Happy
Studio: Happy%27s
Location: Tupelo%2C+MS

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