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Amazing experience

anted my eyebrow pierced for about 5 months, but my mum's really against it, but then again I always get my way! My dad told me in December that I could get it when I turned 17 (july) but it turned out he only said that so i'd maybe forget about it. I was looking at this site and then I finally made my choice to get it done. I had a long talk with my stubborn mother and told her that other peoples opinions mean nothing to me, i'm not doing this to impress anybody, I'm doing it for myself and because i feel comfortable with it. If she really loved me, she'd respect my individuality. She wasn't impressed and neither was my dad, but I did it anyway. My friend Lauren suggested I went to the Steel Lotus, because that's where she had her tongue and nose pierced. So it was nice to know that it was safe and recommened by a friend. I went out to the city and was meant to meet friends at 10am, but they called me and said they were coming at 12, so i thought "oooh i have time to get my brow pierced" so I did! I went there, which in my opinion is an excellent place to get it done, the people are very friendly and they have scented oils and incense to relax their customers. When I phoned up to see if I had to make an appointment, the lady was very nice and told me I could come in anytime! So 30 minutes I later I found myself there, almost had a heart attack when i walked in, because there was tattoo images over the walls, but then I smelt the incense and was instantly calmed. The lady seemed to know I was Cath and she smiled at me and was really nice. They made me sign these forms, basically just so I can't sue them if anythign happens to it, then they asked for ID, legal age in australia for most parlors is 16. Then I picked out my jewellery and got a 16 gauge barbell, because i didn't want anything to big and i work with children, so I couldn't have anything sticking out. Katya told me to sit in the chair and asked me which side i wanted it. I wasn't too sure which side to get, she said there is no difference, but most of the ppl i've seen who have it done pierced their left side, so I just went for that. She cleansed the area and marked my eyebrow with a texta, then she got these tong things and clamped it, that didn't hurt at all.
She instructed me to put my hands on my knees and start to breathe in through my nose and out with my mouth. Katya was speaking to me the whole time and just said to concentrate on her voice, control my breathing and think of the colour blue! Then she pierced it, it only hurt when the needle going through and it was bearable and lasted not even a second! Then she screwed the barbell and cleaned the area again and that stung! She gave me a sheet on how to cleanse it and how important it is to do it. It's just Dettol, sea salt and Binodene (sp?) It feels kinda weird, but I'm pretty used to it by now. I only got it a few hours ago, but I absolutely adore it! When I walked in the door, my mum knew I had it done and she wouldn't look me in the eye and then she burst into tears saying she was so ashamed to have me as a daughter and that all my relatives would be disgusted. She told me to pack up my stuff and move out, but I guess that was a spur of the moment thing. If you're considering getting it done, then DO IT!! It honestly doesn't hurt at all and I'm the biggest woos and I was able to handle it, so ANYONE can! I can't stop looking at it in the mirror, it feels really good having it and in a way i'm more confident. I LOVE MY EYEBROW PIERCING!!! My friend told me last year that piercings are addictive, back then I only had my ears pierced once, but now triple ear pierced, cartliage and eyebrow later...she was right! I got it done not even 5 hours ago, and i'm already planning to get my ears pierced again, another one on my cartilage and my navel! It's just the biggest rush and it looks awesome! If you have any questions, feel free to email me at [email protected] , i'll gladly answer them, coz i understand how scary it can be, but its all worth it! 3 cath


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 May 2000
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Katya
Studio: Steel+Lotus
Location: Darlinghurst%2C+Sydney%2C+Australia

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