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t got interested in piercing last summer when my best friend and i had to part because of college. we gave ourselves frenums as a "best friend" charm type of thing. we had both previously decided to remain virgins until marriage (it's part of our faith as christians), so the frenums were kind of like a chastity reminder between us too. once a week or two had gone by, i started getting bored with having a 14ga barbell in my dick. i don't know; it just looked lonely,so i bought an 8ga needle and gave my first frenum a "companion". i then immediately started stretching both of them. this kept me occupied for a couple weeks, but it still just wasn't enough. i had been attracted to the look of pa's for a while (even before i got the first frenum), but the thought of piercing the head of my dick intimidated me. everyone i told about it was encouraging me though, so after a lot of thought and planning, i was ready. once i started looking at the skin i would have to pierce, the once impossible task seemed like it would be a piece of cake after all. i was VERY wrong. one monday night, i decided to actually do it. i sterilized the jewelry, the needle, and myself with alcohol. this is where i made my first mistake. since an 8ga needle has alot of hollow room inside, it can hold alot of rubbing alcohol in it. when i picked the needle up out of the bowl of alcohol and set it in my urethra, the alcohol literally burned the inside of my dick. i nearly cried. the pain of the actual piercing was probably 1/10 of the pain brought on by the alcohol. lesson #1: don't put alcohol in your piss hole after that, i decided to pack my stuff up and try the next day. this time i made sure the needle was holding nothing. once again i slid the needle into my dick until i could see where the point was going to come out. in case any one is wondering, yes, i did this from the inside out. i couldn't find anything to work as a receiving tube so i had no choice. this was my second mistake, because once i finally found the right spot, the interior of my dick was incredibly scratched and hurting from the point of the needle. once everything was in place i realized i still had a problem: i simply couldn't make myself do it. now i know everyone reading this is saying, "for god's sake, it's just a freaking pa", but for me it was the biggest deal ever. i pulled the needle out and went to bed...completely defeated. lesson #2: don't go inside out (and don't be a pussy!!!) three days later it didn't hurt to piss, so i took that as a sign that my dick's interior had started to recover from my stupidity. after having those three days to reflect on my past defeat, i was finally ready to actually put the needle through. once again everything was sterilized and i was sitting there with a shaking hand. this time i was so pissed at myself that nothing was going to hold me back. i gave myself a count down, closed my eyes, and pushed. i heard a pop, but when i looked, the needle hadn't come through the exterior yet. i sat down for a second and just stared at this huge needle sticking half way into my penis. i took a breath, squinted, and pushed one more time and then there was another pop. when i saw that the needle was through, i was thrilled but when i looked closer, i realized what i had done. lesson #3: don't close your eyes when you're sticking a needle (or anything else) into your dick i had completely missed my target, and had instead pierced only an 1/8" below my piss hole. it was way too shallow. i could not believe my eyes. "i can't believe i screwed this up again!!!" well, i put a ring in anyway hoping that it wouldn't reject. that of cours, was wishful thinking. a month later, i finally took it out. despite my religious cleaning, it only got worse and hurt more. after the whole ordeal was over, i hated the thought of taking it out, but i really had no choice. (i'm very fond of the "split-head look"). keep in mind that my frenums had been under some trauma too because of streching, so altogether, my penis wasn't able to do much more than piss. basically, i learned an important lesson in all of this. if you don't think you're going to be able to pierce yourself, you're not going to be able to pierce yourself. don't be cheap; just go to a piercer.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 May 2000
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: don%27t+know
Studio: snakemans
Location: frederick%2C+MD

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