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I can't believe I did it!

lways thought that an eyebrow ring is like the dopest thing around but coming from an Asian society, having anything more than your lobes pierced will have you permanently placed in the "freaks" category. What is worse that I've never had anything pierced, not even my ears. When I turned 19 and finished with my A Levels, which meant that I was no longer bounded by any spastic school rules I went ahead with experimenting with ear piercing and stretching (okay so I am a late bloomer) Now that I was no longer a piercing virgin I thought it's time for me to venture into other forms of body piercing. That's when I found this awesome website, which has really helped alot in clearing some of my doubts and giving me the courage. So I finally decided to go ahead with the piercing on the 8th of May, just after an awful breakup with my girl and I thought that it is now or never...I didn't make an appointment, just grabbed a friend and ventured down to Far East Plaza, which is the only place in Singapore that has places doing tattoos and body piercings. I made sure I had my lunch before going down, as the experiences posted here said maintaining a steady blood sugar level was essential. The person there showed me the jewellery but the 18ga barbell looked really tiny so I asked for a 14ga one instead (fool!), paid the money, it was S$80 in total including the aftercare and waited.... I filled in the forms and was asked to go into the room, it was really small, like a fitting room and nothing like professional like what you other people had, but it looked neat and tiny and it was too late to back out anyway. My piercer, whose name I had forgotten to ask for, showed me the needle, the cork and the clamps and told me that they were sterile. She then proceeded to ask which side I wanted it on (I chose left because somehow I just preferred my left side) She marked two dots on my eyebrow with a marker and suddenly I felt nervous. I looked at the needle which seemed really awful at this point and I felt like running out at this point.

She put the clamps, which didn't hurt at all...and hence maybe I let my guard down so when the needle went in I got a big shock. Okay so most people didn't feel any pain but I definately did ( my piercer said I got a pretty tough eyebrow) It seemed that the needle was stuck in my head forever, and I was still in such a big shock that I didn't feel her putting the barbell in, and when putting iodine around the wound. I finally opened my eyes, and my left eye let out an avalanche of tears and I realized my breathing was extremely labored. Plus, I was shaking and could have turned a different shade of color. My piercer asked if I was okay, I nodded in a daze, she went over the aftercare procedure with me while I was totally in a daze...After that I sneaked a look at the mirror, grabbed my friend and went off. In case you were wondering, there was minimal bleeding which she cleaned off, so I didn't see it. I was still in a big shock after I got out because I wasn't sure what I had done, haha. Don't let my experience put you off, because I'm a big wuss and I wasn't mentally prepared or expecting the worst, nor did I do any of the breath-in and exhale thing so of course I got a rude awakening. Anyway it's been 24 hours since the piercing and I'm feeling fine except the barbell is really tough to clean. Sometimes it burns a little and I hate sleeping on my right side all night but it'll be fine after a while I guess. My piercer said to put the medication on it for 4 days only, should I buy more on my own to continue? Thanks, if anyone can let me know.... Actually I am quite worried about having a barbell put in, most people suggest a ring at your first piercing and I don't relish the thought of yanking it out accidentally. A barbell reduces risks of injury but I found it impossible to clean the middle part of the barbell, can anyone help?

Talking about migration and rejection really puts me off, because my piercer said that I have a really tough eyebrow and since this is a surface piercing, the risks of migration are really quite high. Highly upsetting, because I don't like the idea of S$80 going away after a month. It seems that when you get older, the skin tends to sag and your eyebrow piercing may last longer! So if you're underage, I think you should wait unless your eyebrow is really fleshy. Thanks for reading this, and I welcome any suggestions, comments, or even better, help on cleaning my barbell!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 May 2000
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: No+idea%21
Studio: Primitive+art+and+piercing
Location: Singapore

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