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like almost all people here. I have wanted to have my eyebrow pierced for quite sometime. But at first my eyebrow wasn't the only body part I wanted pierced, I also wanted my tongue and labret. Which my mom was totally against. So I settled with the eyebrow. Anywho I was happy with at least getting my eyebrow pierced. It was a start! I had to look in the phone book and call around. Because there is barely anything like a piercing place in this crappy little town. I finally found a place that was downtown. I phoned and asked how much the piercing would cost and a few other questions. Like, about safety, and where he did the piercing and everything. So I knew where I was going was going to be safe. Well I confirmed everything with my mom (who was going with me for moral support)We had planned it for the next day, which was a Saturday. I couldn't wait. I could barely sleep that night. I was both nervous and excited about getting my eyebrow pierced. Before this I haven't had anything else besides my ears pierced. So this was going to be something different. Well around 2:00pm, we showed up at the piercers. It's a small little place downtown here, and it doesn't look like much. But when you get inside it looks alot friendlier. There's a couple green couches and stuff around. I felt reall at eas when i got inside. I then went up to the counter, filled out the sheet, and paid the guy the $45. I then sat down on a green couch with my mom. By now I was beyond nervous. I kept thinking up all these worst case scenes in my head. I almost chickened out and walked out the door. I kept having second thoughts, like 'What if I bleed alot?' Or 'What if I can't handle the pain?' I am known for being melodramatic, but I kept calm and just kept talking to my mom, and trying to think of other things. My mom know's me to well. She kept joking about how I was going to run out the door or something. I was looking so nervous!!

I just kept telling myself it wasn't going to hurt. I can't back out now, since I am the one who wanted it done. Well about 30 mins later. It was my turn. The guy took me to the back of the place (my mom came along) And sat me in this brown chair. He then asked me which side I wanted it in, and if I wanted a barbell or a ring. I picked out a ring. Then he marked it down and swabbed it. By this time I swear I was going to run out of the chair. But I kept my cool. Then he clamped down my eyebrow I could feel the pressure of the clamp. Though it didn't hurt at all. I opened my eyes a little, but then quickly close then again.I could then feel the needle going through. It was a weird feeling, hard to explain. It didn't hurt at all, just a really weird. Almost pleasant feelings. It did hurt a little when he was putting the ring through, though it was bearable. It was done in about 5-7 mins. I couldn't believe I went through with it. Well afterwards, he put some ointment stuff on it, he also gave me a little tube of it, and told me how to clean and care for it while it healed. I barely heard him, I was just so happy with myself for getting it. I kept looking in the mirror and thinking 'Wow I finally did it!' Well after I got it done, I immediatly had to go out, I had alot of people staring (piercings are just not the 'norm' here)But I was so happy, I didn't care either way. For about 2 hours after though, I had a tiny bit of redness and it was a bit sore. That was about all I had in pain and discomfort. So it was totall worth it. Now it's over a week later, and it's doing pretty good. There is no infection or redness. And I remember to turn it and take care of it everyday. I have no problem with it at night time either. All I can say is. If you are having doubts about getting your eyebrow pierced. Just go ahead and do it. There is like no pain at all. So you don't have to worry about that. And it's over in a matter of minutes. Though make sure you research the place well and ask lots of questions. Because you want it to turn out great. Anyways I am so glad I did it, now all I have to do is convince my mom to let me get my tongue pierced! ~Joelene


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 May 2000
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: I+Don%27t+Remember%2CBut+I+Think+It+Was+Mike
Studio: Long+Horn
Location: Oshawa%2COntario

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