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A small idea turned real

have always wanted an eyebrow ring for a whole year i wanted one. It was early Thursday and i realised I got my pay check from my minimum wage job. Hmm I thought to myself what can i do with my 80$. Then it dawned on me an eyebrow ring! So i went down to Wizards and made an appointment for after school.

After I made my appointment at lunch the whole class after lunch was like torture. I kept thinking of getting my eyebrow ring. I couldn't take it . Then i thought of wow I wonder how much pain this is going to cause me. I started to become a chicken. Thinking of not showing up and saving the money. I started to talk to a friend who used to have a eyebrow ring . He kept reassuring me over and over it didn't hurt it was quick and painless. I started to believe him because i wanted this hoop so bad.

It was almost the last class of the day and break was almost over.The whole break i searched for friends who wanted to skip class it wasn't hard to find some who wanted to get out of a boring class . The fact that me getting a needle going through my eyebrow would be a great spot for some entertainment. I decided what the hell i couldn't wait. Me and my friend skipped class and headed for the piercing. On the way there they were all trying to make me squeamish and sick but i stayed strong and tried to tell myself it would never hurt.

When i arrived i was quite nervous of the pain that would be caused by a needle going through my skin I sat straight in the chair looking a little pale. The piercing artist Randall came in and removed all the sterile instruments. My eyes bulged as my friends laughed when i saw the instruments. The owner of the tattoo and piercing shop sat and watched as Randall prepared . He was a great help. I told him of a terrible story. My brother used to have an eyebrow ring. A man named Tiny was the artist. He was a 6"5 black male who lived in England. Tiny did a terrible job my brother ended up passing out from to much blood loss and waking up with the eyebrow ring in place. Only for it to get infected in about 3 days. The owner reassured me that the technics that Randall would be using were perfectly safe and i would not bleed at all. With that good thought in my mind . I closed my eyes and hoped to god it wouldn't hurt. Before i knew what was happening i felt a pressure on my eyebrow. I though oh he must have clamped it. I opened my eyes and saw the huge needle sticking through my eyebrow. Then i closed my eyes and tried to forget what i just saw. Before i knew it i was done. No pain at all just some slight pressure. It was great. Nothing more than the feeling of someone pushing on your eyebrow with their thumb. Now a small hooped bead sat properly on my eyebrow i smiled looked into the mirror. Very happy of the job that Randall preformed and VERY pleased that there was no pain at all. It was so easy nothing like even getting blood drawn from your arm. Anyone who tells you an eyebrow piercing hurts either has no threshold for pain or had a terrible piercing artist. I proceeded to say thank you and walked out the door of the shop with a large grin on my face. Then i remembered i never paid!!!!!! So i went back in gave him the money . He thanked me for being honest and now whenever i want i can get a free barbell. Honesty Counts Remember That! I got home and showed the folks. They weren't to pleased! I was threatened to be kicked out of the house. I wasn't allowed to talk to their friends at all. I was an embarrassment. I just laughed and said okay. I then wrote a note to the folks saying that " if you are to shallow to just see a piece of metal and not your own son maybe we should have a talk" He felt so bad that he apologised to me. Remember make them feel bad and you can get away from anything.

I'm not sure if I'll get anymore piercing possibly just a ear hoop and a tattoo of thrones around my arm. Well now i hope you know it's no pain and still a gain! I've had the hoop for about 2 days now and I'll be glad to answer any questions you have about this experience. I'm also getting some pictures developed of the ring so maybe I'll send some if you email me.



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 29 April 2000
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Randall
Studio: Wizzard+Tatoo+and+Peircings
Location: Canada+Saint+John+New+Brunswick

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