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No pain for this Morbid soul

y after a few years of wanting my eyebrow pierced I had it done. Truthfully I didn't want to get it because of it's newly found occurrence into mainstream culture. I wanted something different for myself. Maybe it wouldn't be so different in my Rivet-head/Goth lifestyle. To me it was a way of expression. Most of all I know I can tolerate the minute pain. Or any pain!(:::fake smile:::). That's what I though I would experience. Strangely, with getting a piercing, I felt that it would show my more risk taking, open-mindedness. Being it my first non-ear piercing. Finally the day had came. The day was a dark one. Then again most all days are dark for me. A dark spur of the moment reaction made me get up and go for it. I knew exactly what local piercing place to go to because I asked around. I grabbed a friend and went to discover my newfound fetish. Around 4:00 PM on November 23rd (99) my decision was made. The place was going to close soon. So I knew it was get it done now...or wait until the next spur of the moment. Worse than that was, I had forgotten a form of ID. I was 18, but looked 15. Luckily the piercer didn't mind to much and let my friend get her license + name copied for reference. Piercers use that so people can't sue. Remember to bring your ID if you decide to get one done! Or if you're underage bring someone legal. I was mystified by all of the interesting jewelry in the case when I walked in. The atmosphere was pretty friendly. It had tribal masks. The piercer was playing some tribal music. Which was pretty calming for the least? I didn't act nervous, but deep down inside I was. I decided to get a ring. The piercer showed me a few gauges to pick from. I picked a mid size silver gauge. Though at the time I wasn't sure I wanted just plain silver. Maybe a purple glazed ring or one with jewels. Since I didn't have much time I went with it anyway. I calmly climbed into the chair. It was a gray, dentist office type of chair. Oh the horror I have had at the dentist office. Though it just made me more calm. The piercer gathered the needle, my ring, a cotton swab...and such. I comfortably slid down, almost lying down. I figured that would be best for me. The piercer marked my face where I told him it would I'd like it. I got to see myself one more time before. Meanwhile my friend got scared and ran out of the room, to the next. Maybe she thought seeing people being tattooed would calm the nerves of a friend being pierced. While the piercer was putting the antibacterial med. on the cotton swab, thoughts came to my mind. It's my choice I could leave now if I wanted. My calm self had gotten a little edgy. I wasn't sure now if I wanted it. I guess I was afraid of what people would think.(?) What if I didn't want it after a while? What if it got torn out? Would it cause scarring if I got it removed? I calmed myself as he applied the cotton swab. I didn't actually get to see what the instrument that he used looked like. Nor did I care at that moment. I just wanted it to be there. All I knew that it was my last moment to change my mind. But I didn't! I went through with it! I picked my right eyebrow to be done. He chose not to use a clamp because I was worried about a black eye. Clamps usually cause them. Right before the needle was inserted into my skin, I asked if it was going to hurt. Now this seemed like some kind of nervous rage. It wasn't it was just my unsure pleasure for pain at that moment. The piercer reassured me no...but was he just saying that was the question. As the needle entered my skin...I really didn't even feel it. Strangely I had more pain with regular piercing, than this. Even my cartilage piercing had some sting to it. The only thing I felt was a small clam of pressure when he closed the ring. I was stunned at myself. Mostly not believing that I had gone through with it. Even more that it didn't even hurt! I quickly jumped up to the closest mirror and gazed. It didn't look too bad at all. No bruise, no blood. I couldn't even feel it was there. For a split second some thoughts ran through my mind...but overall I was happy with it. Somehow I was disappointed that I didn't feel pain. I was given a paper with an article about new piercing, how to care for them. Also I was suggested by the piercer to use Bactine for cleaning and if it itched. Also anti bacterial soap. Peroxide can cause scarring, so can commercial healing ointments. I went strait home after I bought some Bactine and anti bacterial soap. My friend was concerned. She though maybe I would faint or get sick. I cleaned around the holes with a cotton swab applied with Bactine. I accidentally hit it a few times the first week or so. I felt a slight jab of pain when I did. It wasn't even really pain though. My ring stuck out strait for about 3 weeks. After a while it started to be able to shift. This was because I tend to sleep on my side. It's been about 2 months now. I've never had an infection. A few times small red spots occurred around the holes though. I still clean it but only once a day now because it's pretty much healed up. I can move it with no incidences of pain at all. Also I can feel it shift, which feels odd. My advice if you decide on getting a piercing: Clearly think it through. Make sure you do it at a time in your life when you can handle it (includes the night before your new office job interview). Make sure that you feel you're responsible enough to handle it and consider your consequences, concerning age. Also keep in mind that while I didn't have a painful experience....you might or might not. Different people take differently to pain. Your situation may be far different that what I had experienced during being pierced. Chances are if you were in agony from a regular ear piercing-DONT do it!


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on: 30 Jan. 2000
in Eyebrow Piercing

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