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Man, I'm GLAD I did it!!!!

hought I'd share my experience...I'm 17 and female from Helsinki, Finland. I've only had my brow pierced for two months now, but it's healing great and I'm just DYING to get more piercings!!!! Me and my friend Anna had been thinking about getting something pierced for a long time (we only had our ears pierced, and they were getting crowded =). At first, we decided we'd get our noses done together - but then finally decided against it, since she has allergy and I get a bad flu every winter so it might not be a good idea... Then, I started thinking about getting an eyebrow piercing. I'd seen a girl with her brow pierced, and I thought it looked great, and the more I thought about it, the more convinced I was: I want it. I asked Anna how it might look (she didn't want one then because she says she has practically no eyebrows, but now that I got mine she's been thinking about it too =) and she assured me it would look cool. I looked up information from the net, I studied people with brow piercings (celebs mostly), I was sooo very nervous...What if doesn't suit me? What if I get an infection? What if...?? Seems silly afterwards, although it was probably only wise not to rush it... Anyway, I wanted a barbell, because I thought it would be sort of more subtle at first, or something. My parents didn't like the idea AT ALL. What a surprise. They didn't forbid it, but they did try to bribe me out of it! =) My mom actually said I could get a tattoo if I didn't get the piercing! (I'll probably get a tattoo someday, but not now...when I have something meaningful to tattoo, then) But I wanted it, and after three days of hesitation, I looked up a piercing parlor (I chose one owned by a local celeb, since I had always admired her piercings) and dragged my friend along for moral support. The piercing parlor was small, and I had to wait outside (it was freezing) for 30 minutes before getting in. But it was well worth it!!!! The piercer guy was really nice (and he had way cool piercings, triple labret, ears...), answering my questions and advising me about the aftercare and jewelry. Sooo, I chose the ring - since the piercer said it might be wiser for the healing process to get a ring at first, so I did - sat in the chair and waited for the guy to sterilize my brow and the ring, and mark the place where the hole would be. I was surprisingly relaxed by then (me the wuss); everything was very clean, the piercer seemed professional (he was) and I was very excited... He pinched my brow and told me to take deep breaths...I closed my eyes for a second and felt the needle go through. I was surprised that it hurt only a little, not even mentionably! So there I sat with the needle through my brow when Anna (who'd been looking at the pictures on the walls) turned to look at me - and I had to laugh out loud when I saw her expression...it was horror, lucky she didn't faint right there! I must've looked pretty interesting with a huge needle through my eyebrow, though. Anyway, then the ring was slid into place, and it hurt a bit when the bead was attached, but not badly. When I saw it in the mirror, it looked great and I was so happy!! I was beaming when I walked out of the parlor, sat on the bus on my way home, and when I showed it to my family (I think my brother was the only one who genuinely thought it was cool)...Anna said she wanted to be there to see my dad's face when he saw the piercing. =D He wasn't really shocked...actually (I must admit) I was secretly disappointed that my parents took it so lightly! I guess I wanted to 'shock' them a bit in the process...=) Oh well. I have the piercing on my left eyebrow, and afterwards I began thinking if I had had a 'wrong' brow done - everyone I saw with a brow piercing had it in their right brow...but now I know there's no such thing as a 'wrong eyebrow', lately I've seen many people with their left brow pierced. Well, as I said, I've only had it for two months now and I still adore it! My parents got used to it after a few weeks (my mom only said "It's...cute" when I got home, and thought it best to tell everyone she talked on the phone about what I'd done =), and I got interested looks in school. Now, I WANT MORE PIERCINGS. I've been thinking lip, labret, nose (maybe...still), navel, tongue...but I'm still worried about the pain, if I pierce my lip or tongue, or nose. I've heard it HURTS. But I still want more - I love the slight pain and the wonderful, ecstatic rush afterwards, the looks I get...it was GREAT in one word. I recommend!! And when I get more piercings, I'll definitely use the same parlor, it was really great. So, if you want one, GO FOR IT. After all, you can always take it off if you for some reason don't like it or it gives you trouble...!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 2000
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: don%27t+know+his+name%2C+but+he+was+reeaaally+sweet
Studio: Harness+Tattoo+%26+Piercing
Location: Helsinki%2C+Finland

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