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ebrow as the second piercing for me. I had always loved the way they looked on people, as the first thing I look at on anyone is there eyes. I got my tongue done (you can find it somewhere in the tongue section..not sure where...I forgot what I titled it..Oops? I think it was some generic title "Reclaiming my body" or something..) 3 months ago. I debated for awhile if I would get my eyebrow pierced or bridge, so one day I decided to go and get both done. Great plan,right? Well,no. I go to House of Tattoo for the third time (second for a piercing) and chat with the guys there. Pappy and his freind live in the place, its part house,part buisness, but really sterile. I am the first there, its about 1 pm, so I go in. Pappy is still asleep, so I talk with his friend for awhile, about the piercing and how hard it will be to take care of. I ask the general questions, about how big of a chance of it rejecting is and etc. He answers my questions nice, but admits he mostly knows about tattoos and doesnt know alot about piercings, cause he is scared of them. So we talk more, he explains about how he has panic attacks when he has to give blood and other things, and then shows me all his tattoos. By this time, I am feeling at ease, cause my questions didnt come off as a dumbass, being scared of nothing. Well,we wake "Pappy" up, and the backstreet boys are playing. So ,I joke around and say I cannot sit down and get a needle rammed thru me,while such music is playing. They agree, and laugh and switch stations , and I sit down. I explain what I want done. I want my left eyebrow pierced , and the bridge pierced. Pappy goes to get the jewlery and notices he doesnt have anything for a bridge, so he explains I need to come back next week (x-mas) to get that done. I agree, somewhat let down, but firgure I will just get another eyebrow pierced while I am there. I tell him of my change of plans, and he recommends I get one done, and then decide, so I agree. He sits me down, drinks his coffee to wake up, and puts the clamp on. He shows me that everything is sterile,and I say thanks. He makes the mark, and gives me a mirror to ask if that is okay, and I agree. He tells me to close my eyes, and I do. I feel a tight pinch, and thats all. I firgure its over with, and open my eyes.. I WAS WRONG! The needle is still thru, he is getting the jewlery, so I make a joke, about that freaking me out (wasnt jokin..but had to appear I was) and he says to close my eyes again. Just for no accidents. I agree, and close them. He puts the jewlery thru, which took longer cause the bead was slick, and he kept havin to re try, which by that time I was kinda getting frustrated,wanting to sit up. He gets it inside,screws on ,and tells me its done. He then says, that he recommends I take care of that one first,before I get another eyebrow, because of it being easy to reject, I agree, and pay him. 1 night:: Unlike my tongue, this doesnt hurt..Its nice. 2 nights:: Its red...This is not good. 3 nights:: Its infected...God damnit 4 nights:: Change of plans on taking care of. Using oxy pads, the alcohol will help and so better neosporin and doing it more offen. 5 nights:: Its gettin better. 6 nights:: No infection!! This fuckin rules. 7 nights:: Cat jumped on it...Its sore as hell, and infected..Gee,great, I am out of oxy pads. Two weeks: I have had two infections, cause its got jumped on twice by cats while I am asleep. I had a few problems sleeping on my right side (I sleep on my left) but that is just personal problems. Overall its okay now, alittle red and sore, but barely noticeable. I enjoy it, and am going for my bridge today (27th). Overall,its been more diffcult to take care of then my tongue, but well worth it. If something happens to it,I know I will cry. If your thinking about it, do it. Its not an easy piercing to take care of, or maybe it was just bad luck on my part. But the time and effort was well worth it. I plan on getting 3 in each eyebrow, so as you can tell I am happy with it overall.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 2000
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Pappy
Studio: House+of+Tattoo
Location: Pulski+%2CKy

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