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The purple haired one gets pierced

ory of my eyebrow piercing began like many others....with a dream - a dream of having a piece of metal jabbed into my body! A lot of my friends had their tongues pierced and I really wanted mine done but that was a no-no with my mom, she didn't like the idea of me having a piece of metal in my mouth 24-7. I wanted my lip pierced but I play the clarinet so that was also out of the question. So I began looking around at people for alternatives. The problem is I go to a pretty cool school where lots of people have piercing so there was quite a variety of alternatives to choose from! I eventually settled on a right eyebrow piercing. I have always found this extremely attractive on guys so I decided instead of staring I'd get my own, but could not bring myself to make the appointment. Finally I woke up one Saturday in July and decided "Today is the day!" and made my appointment for 4 that afternoon. I wanted to take my best friend with me but I decided that in my time of need I wanted my mommy so we jumped in the car. Now you probably won't believe this but on our way to the studio we got in a car accident! It was just a little one though and I was so set on getting my piercing done that when my mom and the other driver where done exchanging info I insisted we continue to the studio. I choose the studio Chrysalids because my friend had gotten his labret done there and the people were amazingly nice It was also spotless and I had seen Cass, the piercer, use sterilized tools for my friend's piercing. Therefore, I knew it was clean and the people were nice so it was an obvious choice. When we got to Chrysalids my mom signed the forms for me (I'm only 17) and I was shown to the (scary music) piercing room. Cass got me to sit in the big comfy chair as she got all of the equipment out of sealed packages. I was pretty nervous by this time so she talked to me about my friends who she had pierced to help me relax. She then asked me all the routine questions - do you faint, have you eaten, etc. etc. - and proceeded to put the clamps on, a lot of people say these hurt but I didn't feel them at all. Then she told me to breath and the needle was in, I didn't feel it at all! The only thing I felt was a slight tug as the needle hit the cork. The strange thing is I was kind of disappointed - even though I hate pain I almost wanted it to hurt! The loop went in easily and my mom was finally able to look at her beautiful little girl with a beautiful new addition to her face! It has now been almost 5 months since I got my piercing and I still love it. The healing went well but it took a while because I sleep on my right side and my piercing is on my right side. I cleaned it 3-4 times a day when I first got it and still use Bactine 2 or 3 times a week to get rid of crusties. All of my friends love my piercing and the ones who do not already have a piercing want to get one. As I said before, my school is pretty cool so I don't get any strange looks. Some of my teachers ask if it hurt and when I say no they give me a look like I'm crazy (but you can tell they are secretly impressed!). I have one teacher who teases me about it every day but he is my favourite teacher and its all in good fun so I don't mind. The one thing that surprises me is all the little old ladies who want to touch it, I can barely keep their hands off me!! The reactions from little kids are also funny but their parents struggling to explain why I have an "earring" on my face is even funnier! I am wearing my mom down and hopefully this Christmas break I will be allowed to get my tongue pierced. Things are looking good but if that doesn't happen I at least want a new loop for my eyebrow. I am so proud of my piercing, it is the first thing I have ever researched, committed to and followed through with. And while people still describe me as "the chick with purple hair" it gives me great pleasure to know that people respond with "oh yeah, the one with the eyebrow ring".


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 Dec. 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Cass
Studio: Chrysalids
Location: London%2C+ont.+Canada

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