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The unexpected piercing

14 when I first got exposed to the body piercing thing. Not many people at my school had any and none of my other friends had one. I started asking my parents when I saw all the body piercing shops in Myrtle Beach. Sure enough, just like they wouldn't let me cut my hair at the time, they said no. I kept asking and asking and asking, but sure enough, I got a no every time. Finally, this summer, I went to Northern Michigan to visit family and friends. One of my friends up there (who happens to be a year younger than me) had one. It looked awful because she did it herself, but it was cool none the less. Once again, I started asking my parents, but this time I targeted my mom and not my dad. I should have gone straight to my mother in the first place. Immediatly she said "sure, we'll get it done together!" My jaw just dropped. I never expected that from her. But I decided to take advantage of her mid-life crisis and get it done. but there were conditions. I had to have a ring and it had to be small and gold. I hate gold, but I decided oh, well. Beggars can't be choosers, right? So after calling every tatoo parlor and beuty saloon in Northern Michigan, we finally come across this place called Primal Urge in a beuty saloon. He was the only liscenced piercer in Northern Michigan, that we found, so we had to make an appointment. When the day came a week later, I thought I was gonna die. Me and my mother got up bright and early and went to the studio. I decided to go first. I was so nervous I thought I was gonna puke. The man was very good though, and reassured me, and it helped to find out later he was one of my cousins best friends dad, and knew my family. for some reason that made me feel better. I didn't notice the actual pain of the needle, but when he started tugging the ring through and putting the ball on, It hurt like hell. But for the sake of beauty, I got over it. I watched my mom do the same thing, and we left, both of us happy and very pleased with the piercing. I kept it very clean but it still got infected and took a long time to heal. Later when I got back to South Carolina, all my friends loved it. I was not the most expected person to have one, but it went over really well. On my sixteenth birthday, my friend bought me my first barbell, and I shoved it through. I got pierced with an 18g. but the barbell was a 16g. so it hurt a little, but the pain was worth it. It healed up nicely after that, and looked awesome. A month or so later, I don't exactly remember, I decided it was time for a second one. I called around the shops, and talked to my friends. Luckily one of my good friends boyfriends works at the only piercing place in Upstate South Carolina, so It wasn't that hard to find a good one. I had just gotten my first paycheck from my job at hardee's, so I took all 30 dollars of it and headed out. When I got there, I had to fill out the paper work, then was sent to the back room. This other guy, (not my friends boyfriend) with long hair got everything ready. This time I got it pierced with a barbell and it looks great. I had a very good piercing experience the second time compared to the first because this man was so gentle and softspoken, he made it seem like he really cared that he didn't hurt me. Once again, all my friends loved the piercing, and everyone thought it looked really good with two in my eyebrow. The second one still hasn't healed all the way, but I have to put it in and out for work, so I know that that is the reason why. Over christmas break this year, I plan on going back again, and getting a third one on the other brow. I can't wait, and I know it will look awesome. No one expected me to do it, to get pierced, and now that I have, It has literally changed me. Having to deal with critical people everyday who stare at me like I am Satan ( I live in the bible belt's buckle) has given me the confidence to tell people what I think. I know that's corny, but it is true. I can't wait to go back and get my third one, and me being a minor, it is so good to know I can with my mothers support. There is one thing that I am still not very clear on. Is it better to have a curved barbell than a straight one? I've heard that the body won't push out a curved one. what's the difference?


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 Nov. 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: a+janitor+with+tight+pants%2C+and+a+long+haired+southerner
Studio: Primal+Urge%2C+and+Body+Links
Location: Michigan+and+south+Carolina

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