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long time I had wanted to pierce something. I was thinking about a belly, tongue or an eyebrow piercing. So one day I was in my seventh grade class and a friend told me she thought I would look good with a brow ring. So I thought about it. I asked my step-mom one-day while she was walking through the kitchen and she said fine. My dad I had a little more trouble with. I finally convinced him, saying that I would pay for it. I finally found out all the information and went with my parents. Unfortunately I did not have an I.D. with me and I had no way of proving I was their child and it was legal. But we went back that next Wednesday on March 17, 1999 and I brought my yearbook, which they accepted as a picture I.D. The place was very clean and friendly; they were also very efficient in making sure of all precautions including those to do with school. I talked to Chris, my piercer, and he told me what he was going to do when we were in the back room which appeared to be very sterile. He selected an eighteen-gauge ball closure hoop and prepared the needle and tools. I was a bit nervous but he was very gentle and reassuring, and I was so comfortable being around him. When we were done my parents and I went to the Safeway across the way and I was glad to be in a place to show it off. I was so happy that my parents were cool with letting me get my eyebrow piercing I could not stop smiling. When I went to school the next day, everyone was surprised at it. For I was the only person in school with a body piercing. Many of my teachers commented on it but none seemed to show a negative reaction. A lot of students liked it especially my friends and some older kids who thought it was really cool and also wanted to do it. The healing went exceptionally well. I was told to clean it with Bactine and it proved to be very successful. I was very careful and gentle while the piercing was in danger of being touched. My piercing did not get infected and I went back to Chris about every three to four weeks to male sure the healing process was doing well. About five months later I asked my dad for a double eyebrow piercing and he said he would think about it. He did not give me an answer for a month but when I was a camp counselor my hoop was getting hit a lot, so I took it out so it would not get too irritated. Then I was putting it back in and the bead slipped out of my hands and went down the girl's bathroom sink. I was so upset because I did not want my eyebrow to close up or my parents to make me let it heal for some odd reason. I liked my piercing and was so worried about losing it. Well I went home and immediately told my parents. They were very understanding and my parents said my step-mom could take me to Vibes that Saturday, in the meantime I made a makeshift closure bead out of Fimo clay. I then asked my father if I could get a double eyebrow piercing again and I begged enough that he said it was all right. I went to Vibes again and got the same piercer and he gave me a second eyebrow piercing that was a twenty-gauge hoop and once again we went to Safeway and picked up some Bactine for cleaning. I love my piercings but for awhile I was terribly nervous about peoples reactions to them. My aunt thought it was cool, but my grandmother, who always had a very straight view on how girls my age should look, I was afraid of her reaction. But when she came to visit she never said a word to me about it and when I got my second one she never said anything to me, but I bet she didn't like them. Over time people have asked me why I did it. They have said things like 'You were so beautiful, why would you do such a hideous thing to your face?' (A friend of the family's exact words). And I just told her, 'Well, I think it's beautiful.' And I do believe that. I think body modification is gorgeous and spiritual. I know some people do it for shock value, religion, and other personal reasons of expression and so forth, which IS absolutely intriguing and beautiful. I am really happy with my piercings and personal feelings behind them and for now I will settle with what I have. I seemed to have developed a new obsession and I plan to do more body modification but for thirteen years old, a double eyebrow piercing is sufficient.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 Nov. 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Sam
Studio: Vibes
Location: Redwood+City%2C+Ca

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