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Grec's Tongue

all started when my cousin (queen Fefe) got her Belly button Pierced She got it pierced with a 12gauge Ring and I saw it and I that it was the shit.. So then I researched Eyebrow piercing cause i been wanting to get one for like ever so then I went to this place called macezines and got it done. After my eyebrow got rejected 3 times I said o fuck it and I meet this dude and he had his tongue pierced and I was like did that hurt so I thought I could take it because My eyebrow hurt a lilbit. So I researched it more ...then I was at a store called spencers where they sell body jewelery and cool lil accesories like fart machines..so anyways I saw this kid wit someof his friends sticking out his tongue and showing it to the lady that works thier cause he wanted to get a new barbell. So I would later meet this kid through his/my friend louie and his name was Nick and he told me a buncha shit like it didn't hurt alot so I was like cool and he told me he got it at macenzies and I could never find anyone that got thier Tongue done thier and Then A meet a dude named billy through my friend jessica and i learned he got his at macenzies and he told me it didn't hurt at all so I said I'm tired of wait and after about 2 months of waiting and argueing with my mom and dad I finnally got my mom to take me!!!!
Anyways I thought I wouldn't be nerves but I was Mad nerves not because of the pain or whatever but Of the rumors I heard that if u got a tongue with alot of vains I couldn't get it.. I arived At macenzies forever ink tatto
I got there and the lady was so nice agian I told her that I was getting my tongue Pierced he said really cause she thought i would get my eyebrow done agian...so anyways She told kevin what I wanted he told me to gargle with listerene as he preps all the stuff so I sat down in this phat dentist chiar look a like thing. The Piercing Expierence:::: He told me to stick my tongue out so I did and he put the clamp on it didn't hurt one damn bit and He said he was goin to pierce my now so he took the needle out of the Brand new bag he put it in this wierd gel thing the needle was a bot 1 1/2 inches so anyways he StuCK THE NEEDLE THROUGH NO PAIN NO PAIN NO PAIN :):):):)I WAS suprised that there was no pain no presure nothing it was an undiscrible expierence I got an adrenealine rush to.. so anyways he put the barbell in and then put the bottom ball on and he let go of the clamp and told me to stick my tongue out agian so he can tighten the balls on the Barbell.. The same day 15 minutes later I went to the mall to see who i can Find so I could show them my new piercing so I did and about 30 minutes later it was swollen. I eat macdonalds chicken sandwitch and it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be so I went to buy my GlyOxide and My listerene. Day 1 of healing : Really swollen It was really swollen I could only see the balls. I was trying to eat and It was really hard i ended up bitting my tongue and It was tereble cause It was bleeding when I bit it. Day 2 Really Really swollen sucked on alot of ice and drank sobe herbal tea and took a pain relever it was hurting eveytime I moved it and it felt week and It went down alil bit but it wentback up later. Day 3 Swelling went down completley and i can eat normal now THANK GOD Week 2 Great!... theres a liquad coming out and there is a skin thingy around the hole Week 3 It's great ! no more ugly yellow liquad on it and i stoped using the listerene after everything I eat so I do it 5 times a day to keep it clean and i gotta scrub on the bottom ball so no tarter gets on it. I wanna Thank KeVin at macenzies who did a kik ass job piercing my tongue and made me feel completly relaxed I recomend This to piercing because It's awsome and people are always aking questions. and it's great for tonguing I just wanna say hey to nick and billy who told me all i needed to know. -Grecco Salema (blink)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 17 Nov. 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Kevin
Studio: Macenzies+Forever+ink+tatto
Location: Carmel+Ny

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