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Sad tale of the four-day eyebrow ring

finally got enough cash to pierce my eyebrow, i knew my parents wouldn't be too thrilled. But, as a headstrong teen, i decided to do it anyway. My friend Mary told me about this great piercer, Sam, whose piercees never bleed or hurt. Surprisingl, it was only $25. Some of my friends got their eyebrows pierced for 50 to 80 dollars. She got her tongue and lip pierced there, and she took me on monday, October 11, 1999. I was so scared that he would mess up and pierce the wrong place. My friend has one that is so far off from her eyebrow that it looks like a temple piercing! I went with my boyfriend and my friend Heather. When we got there, i filled out the forms (i had to say that i was born in 1980, 5 years earlier than my real date of birth, but he didnt care anyway)and went in back. He took out the ring i picked, the needle, and the disenfector stuff. He swabbed my eyebrow with some brown stuff for the primary cleaning, and then he got the clamp. He made me hold it while he prepared the needle. Heather told me that at the time i was smiling :). I closed my eyes and he told me to breather in and then exhale. I didnt feel anything as the needle pierced my skin and he inserted the pretty little 14 ga ring with the clear gray ball. He told me to open my eyes and then i looked in the mirror at the beautiful decoration on my eyebrow. I thanked him and left, about as happy as i could possibly be without bursting. We went to duane reed and bought some bacitracin to clean it and took the bus to this guy's house. We saw some of our friends on the bus and they loved the eyebrow ring. Mary was so proud of me for "getting my parents in check", meanng living my life by my own rules and feelings. I went home a few hours later, wearing a big bucket hat. My mom didn't notice anything strange, so i shut up and kept it to myself. At school the next day, everyobe said the eyebrow ring looked so "cute" on me. Some people were real dicks though, saying things like "Ew how nasty" and one girl even touched it right where the top hole was. I was like get away,you're dirty! After the second day i got sick of everyone asking "Did it hurt?" and when i said "No" they were like "Oh, come on, you know it hurt. How could it not hurt to stick a needle throught your body?" I was just like "Try it and get back to me". I could get the pass in every class by saying i had to go clean it out. The cleaning wasnt so back, just 2 or 3 times a day with a q-tip with bacitracin on it and then rotate the ring, cleaning out the dried matter that formed on the holes. I was thrilled...until thursday, october 14. After school, my mom noticed it when she walked by my open door as i was brushing my hair. At first i told her it was some cheap glue on thing, but i couldnt lie to her anymore and i knew i couldnt keep it a secret for much longer.Jeez, i'd been going around for most of the week with either a bicket hat or a grafield sleep mask attatched to my head! I told her that i went and got it pierced and she flipped! She started crying and told me that god made my body the way it was supposed to stay for my whole life and that i shouldnt destroy it. I tried to explain that it was the same thing as an earring, only on my face, but she made me take it out. I looked in the mirror one last time and popped out the ball. With a sigh of regret, i pulled out the hoop and put the ball back in. It bled a little and i was grounded for one weekend. Pretty good, but now my parents dont trust me. They wont even let me walk to genovese without thinking that i'll do something "bad". I still wear the eyebrow ring on a chain around me neck. Soon I'm going to get my tongue pierced my Sam, with one of those tongue retainer things. I cant wait! I hope it doesnt swell too bad, but it doesnt matter because im gonna get it before i leave for Conneticut for 2 weeks. Please email me with tongue piercing experiences. I've read most of the ones on the BME, but i'd be interested in reading some more. Thanks!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Nov. 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Sam
Studio: Silver+Images
Location: Main+Street%2C+Queens+at+the+Busy+Mall

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