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eyebrow piercing.experience.tongue piercing experience

his is my wonderful story:I wanted my eyebrow pierced since I was about 9 so my mother and I argued about it for years. ( I live in New York and you would be surprised that there wasnt alot of those piercings here)We agreed on getting it when i was 21 then i said i wanted it sooner so she said 18...Well my sister told my mom that it was either get my eyebrow pierced or my nose she screamed and we went to go get my eyebrow pierced(Im 16)so it began...I had alot of questions like will it hurt much will it bleed much will i take care of it well enough.. you will have the same questions. The answers are no it doesnt hurt much (believe me alot of stupid things hurt me) it will bleed the artist just pierced your face trust me you will bleed. and it is very easy to take care of just follow all the dierctions the piercer gives you and you will do fine! Well no piercing artists were there and i was getting really upset...We made the appointment for 3:30 and it was almost 3:20 when we got there so i figured he be there in 10 minutes. At first i was really scared about getting a hole there, but after a while my choice was to definally get it and get it over with as fast as possible.. Well no piercing artists came up to 3 hours passed and all the piercers who were supposed to be there didnt show up so i waited..I chatted with all the tattoo artists and watched t.v. i stayed there till 6:30 was when he finally came. So my sister got a tattoo fixed and i still had to wait for my piercing.. My best friend was with me and she was also getting real upset.(she had already got her belly button pierced about 2 weeks before and i said if i had to wait for her piercing you could wait for mine).When we usally drop by there are piercing artists there all the time. So I had to wait 3 hours for it and i stayed there i didnt even leave cause i was paranoid that a artist would come then leave..Finally my friend Yanni (shaved head dude w/ and facial he had his ears streched and his tongue and his labre pierced and over 20 tattoos) came and got ready to pierce me..I picked the ring i wanted and he got the needle ready(out of package of course always make sure of that)marked the spot (i changed the spot up to 7 times finally picked the spot i thought looked best)stuck the needle in and it hurt for a second and bled for another second..I looked when the needle was still in my eyebrow and i thought i would faint but i was ok i still get butterflies when i think about it. the part that hurt the most was when he put the ring through and put the little ball in (he hated that part) it he cleaned up the blood and he gave me directions on how to clean it and i was out of there finally!!! it looks great now and ive had it for about 3 weeks.. While i was walking after it everyone was looking at my like i was crazy all my friends couldnt belive i had gotten it because i hate pain. It looks very good now and i am in love w/ it. I clean it about 3 times a day w/ antibacterial soap. never touch it with bare hands and always make sure you never sleep on it you should get it on the side you dont sleep on =) Here comes my tongue piercing. Well stupid me i decided to pierce my tongue myself (at age 13) and i did it well but had no way of knowing how to take care of it.. i had it for about 1 year and it was great i found out how to take care of it and all but the problem was that my mom had no idea about it so when she found out she ripped it out and i have a scar on my tongue. so if you get a piercing always make sure you parents know especially if you are as young as i was nad never ever do it yourself it comes with bad experences like it getting infected at on point and the earing you have might not be good enough....Im thinking of getting it done professionally...ill be smart next time around... have fun! =) a clean piercing is a happy piercing


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Nov. 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Yanni
Studio: n%2Fa
Location: NY

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