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My Journey of Blood

rybody. I will try not to make this like all the other stories in this so you won't be bored, but forgive me if I do. Anyway, I just got my eyebrow pierced last week, and it was quite an interesting experience. I spent like three months coming on to the BME and staring at pictures of othere eybrow rings to make sure that i absolutley wanted one. Of course there was much to consider, such as the reaction I would get from all the closed minded idiots at my dumb school, and of course I did get a pretty annoying reaction. It wasn't too bad, but im not someone that would be "cataogorized" as someone who would get anything pierced, so it was quite the shock. Anyway, I went on a Friday, which i think anyone who is considering getting thier brow pierced should do because it is REALLY delicate the few days after you first get it, and you probably don't want to go to school the day after you get it....(that is for all the high school kids who are reading this). Yeah, so, my best friend Vanessa came with me, and my mom too (who wasn't too crazy about the idea, but I refused to give it up for like three months, so she saw that i had considered all the bad things that could come from it, and she knew it was what I wanted. If you want to know if you want to know if it hurt, then the answer is not really, but it all determines on who you are. I happen to be a big bleeder (which i wasn't aware of until last friday..) so i bled a lot. But that isn't really that normal so don't let that scare you. But if you are under 18, make sure you go to a good place, not some sleezy gross place, because the after effects would definately not be worth it. So, I was pretty nervous when i went to the back of the store to get it done, but my friend Vanessa was there to make me laugh with her kooky ways! (She is one of the very few cool people at my school.) She was there to tell me it looked good, and give me the mirror to make sure I thought the marks were okay. Everyone at my stupid snobby little jack ass school gave me looks in the hallway and managed to make me feel stupid--(that is the one thing that they are good at). But i am trying not to give a shit because it is what I want and that is what is important. And if anyone does get one after reading this, just remember that is is no different from an earing, just a matter of a few inches. So if anyone gives you a hard time then tell them that. (Our society is retarted) But I really do love it, I find that I fit in much better at places like the mall and things like that. Cleaning it is starting to become somewhat of a hastle: twice a day with Dial Soap, and as many times a day with some piercing solution. And you also have to turn it around alot to prevent it from healing in one area. I thought that part would hurt. but when the ring is wet, it slides around pretty easy. (I know, Vanessa, I know.) If you play a sport and are involved in alot of physical activity, then you might not want to get it because you have to put a bandaid over it whenever you participate in any kind of physical activity. It can rip out really easily wich would really suck because you would have a big ugly scare there....Uuulhh, im grossing myself out. Anyway, i thought sleeping on it would be a problem, but it really isn't. After a few days, you are able to lay the ring flat down on your face and sleep on it. It's also fun to gross people out with it by like moving it around and stuff; some people can't handle that and I just have to take advantage. Oh--and just a little answer to something i was wondering about: Boys usually get it on the left and girls on the right. I didn't want to get it on the wrong side and have people thinking i am gay, I wouldn't want to send off the wrong signals. But I think that eyebrow piercing looks the best out of all other piercings and you should definately consider getting one. It's worth it. So if anyone has ANY questions at all, my email adress should be on here somewhere. I will answer your questions honestly, i promise.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 Nov. 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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