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My second Piercing

I moved to Sunny Cali. I never pictured myself with a tattoo or a piercing but after a yr. and 5 months (1/97) I decided to get my boyfriend's name on my left breast. It was somewhat enjoyable, which kinda scared me. I didn't know he was actually tattooing me until I asked what was taking him so long to start. I guess I just went in thinking it was gonna be hella painful, but it wasn't at all. - I got my second tat (7/99) on the left side of my upper back. Even thought I wanted to get my new man's name on me I didn't wanna be a walking sign in book of all the men I've loved so I just got a little design. For me it symbolizes us as a couple, together no matter what comes our way. Getting this tattoo wasn't painful either but there were some sensitive spots on my back that felt the needle more than others. - It wasn't until I got my 3rd tat (a black outline of a tiger) on my right upper arm (9/99) I had this need to be pierced! I had a friend with me for the first two tattoos but this time I went in alone and now I was gonna be piercing a part of my body.... alone. Now with this being my third tattoo I was kinda feeling like a pro even though none of my designs/pictures are those huge masterpieces that cover the entire arm. I'm more into picture or designs that mean something to me or things I truly like. For some reason I just have this thing for big cats. So after my tat I had a brief talk with the piercer and decided we'd got with an eyebrow ring in the right brow, to balance it all out, 2 tats on the left and now 1 tat and a eyebrow ring on the right. I mainly liked the eyebrow idea because I've seen so many different types if rings you can use. And since I'm one of those people who love jewelry I could see myself with a little jewelry box just for my eyebrow rings! Kinda bad I know. It was a very quick and painless which surprised me. I was shocked when I found out he used a needle instead of a gun like the use when you get your ears pierced. And I couldn't believe he didn't numb my eyebrow with anything. But it went really well. That is until I was on my way home I was hit with a massive headache on the right side of my head. It was strange that now I was giving my eyebrow so much attention now that it had a ring through it. I just couldn't help playing with the ring every chance I got. My mom was pretty cool about the ring. My grandmother wasn't thrilled at all and my Godmother asked my mom how she could allow me to go put a piece of metal through my eyebrow. Last time I checked I was 21 so I needed no ones permission. It's been about a month and I still have about a week to go before my brow is all healed up but it's done a pretty good job of healing so far. - After living through the experience of getting my eyebrow pierced I decided I'd get both nipples pierced. So I went down to my usually place (10/23/99) to get my now ex's name covered up on my breast and to see about getting my nipples pierced. We couldn't find a design to cover up the name but I did find a tat I had to get, on my upper left arm. It's a picture of a banana going into a pair of red lips! My first tat with color. After that I found out my usual piercer wasn't working that weekend and I had promised him he'd get to do my nipples so we just had to find something else for this new piercer to do. I ended up getting my tongue pierced with a mini audience. Here it was Sat. night in California and these two couples had nothing better to do that watch me get my tongue pierced!! It was a quick pinch when he actually did pierce it but that was it. after going home and trying to practice my script for work, I realized I'd have to work on my speech before going into work, so I called in Sun. and took a day to practice. I went to work Mon. with some minor pain. It wasn't until I got up for work Tues. and my tongue was FAT, I could barely talk. It took me about 3 hrs. to get the swelling down so I could go to work. I didn't find out until after work #1 I was fired and #2 it's not too smart to get your tongue pierced and still think you can go to work being a telephone operator talking for 8 hrs. straight. So now that I'm jobless, I've had some time to let my tongue heal and it's gone down significantly. I personally think it's too big my after seeing my piercer he says he just doesn't feel comfortable putting in the next size cuz he says it might pinch and feel uncomfortable. I had planned to take it out but after investing money into I'm gonna give it some more time, plus after seeing all the cool looking jewelry I've gotta give it more time.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Nov. 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Dan
Studio: Body+%26+Soul
Location: Sherman+Oaks%2C+CA

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