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Painless Piercing

w piercing was not a bad experience at all. It was something that I would probably do again If I had to. I saw my first eyebrow piercing about 2 years ago. I thought it was kind of wierd, but interesting at the same time. It really intreigued me. I asked myself why anybody would put themselves through that kind of pain on purpose. I started to think about what the piercing would look like on my eye. As time wore on I realized an eyebrow ring might do my face some justice. All things are done for a reason, be it a tattoo or a piercing, and I guess I just had my own reason to want one. I already have a couple of tattoos on me before I decided I had to have an eyebrow ring. I had to have one. I never had any kind of piercing of any kind before. Not even ear rings. I did'nt want to stick out that much in a crowd. I'm not that fond of attention. I got my first tattoo at the age of 17 and after that I went crazy. That really pissed my mom off and I have slowed down since. Recently, I moved out from under my mother's wing and I now live in my own apartment. Now I can have any kind of body modification I want. I really did not see too many eyebrow piercings until my first year of college. I saw a lot of wierd shit that first year. After weeks of debating, I decided to go against all of my friends and parents and I went and got it done. I really did not want to regret it though. My girlfriend really did not want me to get it done. She thought it would make me look freaky. My friends really did not think that I was going to go through with it, so they kind of wanted to see if I would really go through with it. It's wierd that the ones that end up with body modifications, are the most normal ones out of the bunch. Then I thought If you don't like it you can always take it out. The place was very impressive. Everything was sterilized and all the percautions were gone over before anything was done. I was ready. Ready for all of the shit I was going to have to go through after it was done. I knew people would ask so many questions about it. I went through with it anyway. I got I done. Really Quick. Hardly any pain at all. It was over before I knew anything had happened. It's best to have someone who knows what there doing perform any type of piercing due to the pain factor. It must take alot of traing for a piercer to be ready to do his first piercing. I was kind of scared. Maybe just a little. The lady told me exactly what she was doing and when she was going to do it. Hardly any surprises at all. Everything was previeously explained to me. I looked at alot of web sites and magazines and asked around about what to do about the pain and the advice on healing. The healing was a bitch. It was the worst part about the whole eye brow piercing experience. It was very sensitive for the first day or so after I had it done. I could'nt smile or laugh or make any sort of wierd facial expression during the healing. I also could not sleep on the left side of my face for a long time. I had to change my sleeping habits totally while the healing was going on.It got a little infected towards the 5th day. I just cleaned it real well and it took care of the infecton. The next day it really started to look good. I was really happy with my piercing. Everyone was shocked that I went through with it, and my girlfriend actually liked it. People are actually giving me alot more attention now. I really could do without the name calling and heckeling though. The ring actually give me more of a sense of personality. My mother would really like to rip it out of my face but she will grow to love it just as I do now. I can now take out my ring and leave it out for days at a time. I usually have to take it out for work beacuse I work for a bunch of dicks. They say its a saftey hazard or something. I'm actually thinking about maybe getting another piercing or tattoo or something. I think I will get my eyebrow pierced again. I think a double ring would look cool.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Nov. 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Elane+Angel
Studio: Rings+of+Desire
Location: New+Orleans

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