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My Eyebrow Ring Story

had wanted to get a piercing for awhile but was never sure what. Finally I decided on an eyebrow ring. A girl who graduated from my school a few years ago had one, and she looked really good in it. I knew right away where to get it, I wanted to get it at the same place as I got my tattoo. I kinda knew the artists there, and I just liked the whole atmosphere of the place.
Since I'm underage, my Mom phoned and told them that it was ok with her and that she'd send a note with me. (Yeah, my mom is pretty cool, her philosophy is it's my body and if I want to pay to mess it up I can go right ahead). And she already knew Jiggs because she had phoned him before about my tattoo. Well the thing with me is I get nervous, really nervous. I was sooooo worked up. And I was in the city with my friends Andrea and Diane, and they were nervous "for me" and that made me feel even worse!!! Artistic wasn't open till 3, and we were in the city by 11. So we had a LOT of time to kill. Well we walked around Zellers, went for lunch (even though I could hardly eat anything) then went for coffee at a Robin's Donoughts beside Artistic. Well Jiggs happened to be in there too!! He was busy talking to some other guys though so I didn't say anything. Finally it was 2:55, and all of a sudden I had a burst of courage and I said "ok, let's go and do this". We got there and 2 other girls were before this. One got a bellybutton ring and the other got a nose ring. I was curious so I leaned over the counter to watch both. The one who got the naval ring was actually crying!! The one who got the nose ring just jumped a bit. Then Jiggs came out and told me what jewlery to pick from. He recommended the 14ga. and he said that if I got that I had to get 3/8" for the initial piercing. So I said ok and picked the one I liked the best (it has kind of a blue tint bead on it). He said that one wasn't polished or something like that and that women have a more sensitive reaction to jewlery, so he recommended the polish. I said alright and he showed me the exact same ring for the exact same price, only it was polished. It was perfect. He made me pay then, and it was only $26.05!! Including the ring!! I was expecting like $40 or something!! Andrea came back with me (Diane's kind of a whimp and she was too squeamish to watch". Jiggs showed me all the sterile needles and everything. Then he asked what eyebrow I wanted. Oh god, I had never made up my mind about that!! I looked at Andrea for help and she quickly said "right" and I said "yeah, the right". Hehe, I think Andrea must've taken a mind reading course or something. So he cleaned the area with some brownish liquidy stuff. Then he put the clamp on. This just pinched a tiny bit, not even pinched, it just felt, well, uncomfortable. At this point I closed my eyes and held on to Andrea's hand. All of a sudden Jiggs asked "are you ok?" and i said "yeah, i'm just waiting for you to finish" And he kinda laughed and said he was. Woah!! I never felt the needle go through or him put the ring in!!! Then he used pliers to put the ball on and I was done!! He went over the after are instructions with me. Make sure I put the cream he gave me on it 2 times for the next 10 days..don't smother it..the whole time I was barely listening, I was too busy looking at my new eyebrow ring!! Good thing Andrea was listening, because I had to ask her about all this stuff after we left!! The only down side of this is that I work as a waitress at a restaurant and my boss is making me wear a big huge canvas bandage over it. If you ask me, that'll look twice as bad, but oh well. I love it so much that I want some more piercings now!! Someone told me once that they were addictive and I didn't believe them..but now I do!! I have plans to go to Winnipeg for a few days in November and I want to get a tongue ring then. If you're considering getting an eyebrow ring, go for it!! Trust me, if I can go through it, ANYONE can!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 Oct. 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Jiggs
Studio: Artistic+Tattoo+And+Body+Piercing
Location: Brandon%2C+MB+Canada

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