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Eyebrow Obsession Turns to Peircing...

started the first week of Septemer. I recollected my thoughts of what piercings I wanted and became more intrested in piercing my eyebrow. Everytime I looked in the mirror I imagined myself with it. I thought it'd look great!
The next thing I knew I was nervously calling Next! to book my appointment secretly so my parents wouldn't know. I called booked my appointment for 5:30 on Sept. 5th then went on a mad scramble trying to find someone to come with me. First I called 'legs and had a nice chat with her then I called a few other people and then Gabby. Gabby was happy to come and we decided to meet at I think 3:30 at the Bread Garden. The suprising reactions I got from people was funny since no one thought I'd pierce my eyebrow because I'm known to be obsessed with having them perfectly plucked. I told mom that Gabby and I were going to the mall then for dinner. The next day I was dropped off at the Bread Garden after being stuck on the highway since there was, as usual, an accident. Me and Gabby quickly headed to the bus and got downtown. It was 4:30 by the time we were at Next! and we waited...and waited and waited and waited. I was nervous but it slowly faided after waiting! After looking through all the piercing and tattoo books, filling out my form, looking at their guestbooks and calling a friend they finally called me...to pay! Again I stood and waited for a bit then me, Gabby, the other guy getting his piericing and his friend headed off down the hall and entered our final destination, the room where we would be pierced. Jody told us to take a seat then she went over the procedures and aftercare. The whole while Mark's (i think that was his name) friend was cracking jokes which made it a little easier on everyone. Jody let us pick out our beads (mine black, his black silver) then Mark was up. First, Jody let him smell the aromatherapy oils and then pierced his ear after marking it and cleaning it and they were off. I was next up! Gabby quickly left while Jody was getting me ready. She cleaned my eyebrow with surgical cleaning solution, marked my right eyebrow, made sure that was how I wanted it and then got me to lay down and smell the aromatherapy oil. We were instructed to wait for Gabby so we did. She was back and then Jody counted, 1, 2, 3, 4. I breathed in and out, in on 1 and 3 out on 2 and 4..then she did it. It didn't hurt a bit! It hurt less than a pinch, I was suprised. She then got the 16 gauge "D-ring" and slid the needle out and the ring in. There I was with a fresh piercing which looked awsome! Gabby complimented me and Jody did as well. I thanked her and Gabby and I headed out to the street. It started to rain and we both called home. I called mom to pick me up at 7:15. We caught the next bus and that was it. I got of at Park Royal and said bye to Gabby. The next thing I knew dad was there. I got in the car and he thought it was fake. I told him it wasn't then he asked me why I did it. I basically told him I liked it and really wanted it. On the way home, between long akward silences, we discussed what some people think is beauty (eg. boards in lips, rings on neck making them long..). We pulled into the garage and dad told me to go up first. I came inside and said hi to mom. I entered the kitchen and once again, "that's fake right?" She quickly got over it without a breakdown and that was about it for reactions for them! The only thing she was mad about was that I lied to her about where I was. My brother called home and mom told him I wanted to tell him something, I told him and he just said, "that's it right? No more piercings." Basically like my parents. My grandma came about a week later and luckily she was pretty ok with it. She only really said how she hates tounge piercings. Now a month and 12 days later I'm still loving it and I haven't had any problems with it! I think I'm hooked on piercings now! I want to get my nose and lip done as well as a "industrial" on my ear. I'm also planning on some tattoos. To sum it up, it didn't hurt a bit, I love it and if you want one get it they're awsome, go for it!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 Oct. 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Jody
Studio: Next%21
Location: Vancouver%2C+B.C.

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