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Painless Piercing!!

rday i finally worked up the guts to go and get my eyebrow pierced - After thinking about it for a LONG time. I had made my appointment for the afternoon - So the whole morning was spent killing time and worrying about how much it would hurt...I got to the studio and i think the orst moment of the experience was actually waiting in the waiting area to be called in. I could fl the butterflies in my stomach. All my nerves had gone by the time I sat down in the chair. Becky is really friendly and put me at ease straight away. I knew the procedure as i have had my navel pierced, but she ran through exactly what she would do, which is quite nice to know if you cannot see what it going on. She marked up my eyebrow by puttin two little black dots where the entrance and the exit would be an showed me in the mirror so that i could okay the placement of the piercing. I chose to get my eyebrow pierced with a barbell. I thought it would be easier for me to take care of, but i suppose that it is personal preference! The actual piercing was all over so quickly, much quicker than when i had my navel done! The needle that was used was quite fine and the barbell was 1.2mm thick (I don't know what guage that is - Sorry). My eyebro was held with the forceps to guide the needle through. When the needle went through i didn't really feel any thing at all, just a tug as the needle came out the top side of my eyebrow, which was a surprise as i was expecting it to hurt and to hurt A LOT!! Then the jewellery was slid in through the tube (The piercing was done with a canula needle - one with narrow plastic tubing over to help the jewellery be slid into place) and the tube was taken out and the ball fastened on the top - And that was it Simple and Painless _ I had a really funky looking barbell through my left eyebrow! There was no blood - Becky said that it was the first eyebrow she had done that did not bleed. They normally bleed because there are loads and loads of capilliaries around the eye and the eyebrow ... It might be something to do with the fact that i suffer from Insulin Dependant Diabetes that meant that i did not bleed. Being a diabetic does help though as i am so, so so, soooo paranoid about gettng an infection that i keep it amazingly clean. I was the same when i had my navel pierced and i think that it must have healed in record time! I am so glad that i actually went through with it and got it done - It looks brilliant, and they do not mind it at work which is a bonus! There aren't many people where i live with pierced eyebrows and even less girls with pierced eybrows, which makes me kinda stand out (Which i like, so i am not going to complain about it). I have noticed that older people don't know where to look some of the time and end up staring at my lovely little steel barbell and none of them seem to have the guts to ask about it! Once it' healed (In about 6 weeks hopefully) i am going back to have the steel barbell changed for a titanium or nobioum one. I cn't decide what colour though - probably blue or purple! (Although i will pobably en up buyinh one of each!) So, If you're thinking about getting it done, do it it honestly doesn't hury, but - Please find a decent piercing studio and make sure your piercer is properly trained. If get there and don't like the look or the atmosphere of the place don't go through with it - Remember that you are paying someone to put a piece of steel through your skin....And NEVER let one of those nasty guns anywhere near any part of your body apart from your ear lobe (And preferably not even near there!!!!!!) NO - it di not hurt at all and if i say that it must be tru! YES - It's easy to clean, i just soak it with hot salty water ...i don't have crusties that have formed to try and clean off - I guess i must just be lucky. My next project is to stretch the hole in my right ear lobe - It is about 1.6mm at the moment but my aim is to get up to about 4mm so that i can wear a claw in my ear - I have one it's steel with a lovely light blue stone in the top of it...So if any one has some safe tips for stretchomg i would love you to e mail them to me...Is it better to do it your self of go to a piercer and pay them to do it???? Have fun - keep it Clean and stay smiling! See Ya Laters BabyBlue


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 14 Oct. 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Becky
Studio: Daisy
Location: Staines%2C+Nr+London+UK

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