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my home peircings

how to start, I soppose it should be at the beginning. I have always had an obsession with body modifications. Starting at about 6 years old, I would constantly bother my mom, begging to get my ear pierced. I am not sure what made this so desireable to me, but at the time my family was arround a lot of bikers, with their tatoos and piercings. Friends of my family from the indian reservation would also come around, and many of them had modifications too. About the time I turned 8 she finally gave in, and I recieved my first ear piercing from my mother, at home. This first piercing only fueled my desire to modify myself even more, and over the next several years I experimented in pierings (the early ones were only my ear), and many types of scarification. From rubbings to burns, my body was, and is, my canvas. I think most of this modification desire stemmed from my families close bond with our Native American ancestry, and to this day my biggest dream is to perform the ritual of the Sun Dance. The thought of piering my flesh, only to purposefully rip my chest open to deepen my faith is constantly on my mind. To return to where this has led me most recently, my eye-brows. I was sitting in my room, drawing or painting, I can't quite remember which, when I got this feeling in me. Now I can't explain it very well to you, if you get these feelings yourself, then you know what I mean. It's not an urge to hurt myself by any means, because when I modify myself it really does not hurt, but still, I get these from time to time, and they always lead to something new on my body. When this particular feeling hit me that night, I got the urge to try something new, I was tired of ear piercing for a time, I had 6 in my left ear already, so I decided to pierc my eye-brow. I began by rummaging through my collection of ear rings, everything from steel piercing studs to silver and gold hoops, and I settled on one of a set of two stainless steel inner locking hoops. I sanitized the first hoop, and my whole upper eye area, with soap and water, and then rubbing alchohol. The needle that I use for most of my piercings is homemade, it was once a 2 1/2 inch long yarn needle, quite large in diameter. I have reworked the sharp end over the years to get a small piercing end, about 1/2 inch, that leads into a taper to finish out the hole. next I applied my clamp to my left brow, just at the edge of the eye-brow hair itself. My clamp that I used was a simple set of locking forceps I had gotten in a science kit, straight flat ends, just like the doctors use to hold swabbing matterial. Now I was ready, I inserted my needle in a swift piercing motion, and pushed it in untill it was at its widest point. Leaving it in my eye-brow, I then removed the clamp to allow blood flow to re-establish itself to this area. About five minutes later, enough time for the hole to establish itself, I quickly removed the needle and inserted my hoop. Only after about two minutes of being complete did the hole finally bleed a bit, but the amount of it was so little that I allowed it to remain at the hole. I believe that the less you mess with a finnished piercing, especially one so fresh, the smaller the chance of infection setting in. Happy with this finnished look, I showed my sister, with whom I was living at the time, and she suggested that I replace my inner locking hoop with her spair tension ball, which had formerly been in both her belly-button, and my Brother in laws nipple. Liking the look of this ring, I returned to the bathroom, cleaned the tension ball and ring, and just before I removed my hoop, I decided to use the new ring, but in the other eye-brow. I performed the proceedure again, on the right eye this time, and was quite happy with the overall look that I had achieved. My after care consisted of me cleaning my brows thuroughly 2-3 times daily, and for several weeks I was pleased with my results. One weekend, however, we were traveling up to Wenatchee, Wa. to visit the family. My nephew Skyler (2 years old) was asleep in his car seat next to me, and I was snoozing with my head laying on his seats edge. Apparently he was stretching himself upon waking, and his little finger slipped into my hoop, and continued upward, ripping the steel ring from my face. Needless to say the shock woke me, and when I realized what had happened I was upset, but there really was no fault in it, accidents happen. About a week after this incident my other side became infected, and I removed the tension ball to allow it to heal. The infection stemmed from my job, I was working on a potato farm, doing a lot of heavy work, the combination of my sweat keeping the hole open, and the dirt and grease that I worked in all day, made my efforts to maintain cleanliness at the peircing site nearly impossible. The outer area was pretty easy to manage and clean, but the interior of the site was getting contaminated when ever the ring shifted, it would carry any thing adhering to it (dirt and grease) into the interior, and eventually I realized that in this field, I would have to hold off on new piercings. I have since allowed both eyes to heal, and soon I will be repiercing them both, I hope to share this with all BME readers when I do, as well as share other experiences periodically with you. I do know for sure that when I finally experience my most frequent fantasy, and finally dance against the flesh of my chest, I will share the proud day with you all, and hopefully there will be many photos for you to look through. Untill next time, thank you for reading this, and remember that "The temples that we call our bodies are for us as the canvas was to the great artists of history." thanx again jr420for-ever


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 14 Oct. 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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