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My little EYEBROW piercing STORY! YES!!! :-)

eryone!!! I'm a 13 year old girl from CANADA!!!!! I am like in the best mood cuz I just got my eyebrow pierced! And it looks great! And I'm soo happy with it! Anyways! Guess I better go on with the story!! :-) For a long time, I've been like obsessed with piercings! It all started when I got my nose pierced back in January! I should have read more aobut it though, cuz I ended up going to this place that was more of a salon, and they pierced my nose with a gun! Believe me, that hurt like hell!!! I still LOVED it though! And after that I got 6 more in my ears. Everyone at school and stuff thought I was a freak! I loved it! And I wanted to make them think that even more :-) So I figured I needed another one, and I wasn't sure where! I was thinking, maybe the lip? But I knew my parents wouldn't approve that!! Don't get me wrong :-) I'm still planning on getting my toungue and my lip pierced as soon as I'm the legal age! Along with my bellybutton and my........ :-) ANYWAYS! I finally decided on my eyebrow! So the other day, I decided to phone around and see which place would be best to get it done at. Since like ALL the places were either booked or just not quite what I wanted, I had no choice but to go to this Custer's place. It seemed pretty cool and I know alot of people that recommended it to me! I heard that it's very clean and they're all health inspected and all that shit :-) So there I went!!!! Anyways, The night before, I had like NO DAMN sleep cuz I was too busy thinking about how great it'll be when I get pierced! :-) But finally I fell asleep at like 3 am, which sucked cuz I had to get up early for the appointment which was at 10! I got up at 7 am and got all ready and had to get a ride with my mom to Qu'Appelle (a little town about an hour away from where I live). My heart was like pounding in the car cuz I was sooooo EXCITED! :-) Finally, after an hour, WE GOT THERE :-) It was this little place, at the corner, all to itself :-) Seemed pretty cute! I walked in and they were like "You're Adele, right?" I was like "YESS!" and they told me to take a seat. I was all shaky! I was the only person in there, so there wasn't much of a wait. He gave me this thingy with all the barbells, hoops, etc. in it and told me to pick one. I picked a 16ga hoop. Later on, I want it to be changed into a barbell! Anyways! He called my name and I sat down in this chair thingy, sorta half laying down. The put this paper towel on me, just incase I'm some HUGE bleeder! (Thank GOD I'm not!) Then they explained to me all this stuff that I already knew :-) THANX TO BME :-) He said my eyebrow was really thin, so he wouldn't need to use clamps. I WAS SOO HAPPY! I heard how uncomfy those things are! Lots of horror stories about those! Anyways, he put these 2 blue dots on my eyebrow as markings. I wanted them a little further in so he adjusted them. I was soo excited at this point! Then, he pinched at my eyebrow and this other girl (another piercer) took the needle and told me to close my eyes. I did and felt this sharp pinch!! For some reason, I SEEM TO LOVE that part! :-) I closed my eyes all happy as I felt the 16ga needle slide through my eyebrow! Then, she put the jewelry in! I didn't even realize she was already doing that, cuz I didn't feel anything! I found it cool to have 2 piercers working on you at once! :-) I still did know how it looked, but I could sorta see it with the corner of my eye :-) it was soo cooool! Then I looked at it in the mirror and was SOO HAPPY! It was like I was on a high or somethen! :-) I just came back a few hours ago! And it's healing soo well already! There's like no blood or crusties, and it barely hurts! Feels kinda weird though cuz when you run, it sorta flops up and down! I love it though!!! I've been cleaning it every hour! I'm always so paranoid about infection! :-) Hope ya liked my little story! If you have any questions on ANYTHING ABOUT PIERCINGS (cleaning, pain, aftercare, etc, etc, etc!!!!) , PLEASE ask :-) I love answering questions!!!! Even stupid ones! :-)

La de da de! Adele :-)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 14 Oct. 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Uhh%2C+don%27t+remember...
Studio: Custers
Location: Qu%27Appelle%2C+Saskatchewan%2C+CANADA

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