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MY eyebrow story...

n't a bad experience, but it wasn't a good one either! When I first discovered the eyebrow ring about five years ago, I actually thought it was discusting. I couldn't understand why anyone would put themselves through that pain on purpose. I remember thinking to myself how discusting it looked....but as time goes on, you realize that everything is done for a reason whether it's a tattoo or a piercing of some sort.... I'm a typical female 'jock' who suprisingly already had a tattoo before I decided I couldn't live without an eyebrow ring any longer....I'm not one to have anything on my body, except for the things I was born with. I'm also not one to 'stick out' from the rest of the crowd. But After getting my first tattoo at the tender age of 16, I wanted more, but after reasoning of my mother, decided against it. I'd really convinced myself that I needed more tattoos, and started to cut out pictures of possisiblities. That's when my mom decided it was an 'obsession' with me, and said no more to my 'body modification'. It wasn't until I moved to Toronto over a year ago (at 20 years old), and started college when I saw so many others with eyebrow rings,noise rings, and other odd piercings and knew I wanted one too. After weeks of debating it with my boyfriend and friends, I decided to screw all of them, and went and got it done. I just didn't want to have it done and regret it in the long run. My boyfriend was deathly against it, and he didn't think it would suit my 'clean' look as he put it. I was always known as the cute blonde haired, blue eyed girl...My friends were all for it, not thinking I'd actually go through with it. But then again, I was the only one in 11th grade with a tattoo! It's odd how those who don't look like the type, are the ones that end up with the piercings. My mom was for it, but she just kept saying 'if you don't like it, you can take it out'...which is sooo true! ...I was impressed with the sterilization of the place I went, and after being talked to about the precautions, I knew I was ready. Ready for the ridicule, the laughing, or maybe even the admirers I may have after I do this! I wanted people to come up to me and say the same things I'd said to them 'wow! did that hurt?!"..."it looks so cool".. I got it done, with no second thoughts... nothing fancy, but it hurt like a bitch! But it was over before I even knew what was happening....All I can say for others, I feel it's best to have someone who knows what they're doing perform any type of piercing due to the pain factor. I couldn't imagine someone taking awhile to figure out what they're doing! I'm still thanking the guy who did it, knowing I was scared to death, and he told me exactly what he was doing and when he was doing it...there were no real suprises in regards to it, everything was explained to me. I'd done alot of reasearch through web sites like this one, and asked alot of others that had piercing done that could give me advice on healing and pain. The healing was pretty much straight forward, although it was very sensitive for 24 hours after I had it done. I couldn't laugh without it pulling to some degree, and making usual facial expressions was put on hold while it was healing. Although I thought it was infected on the third day I slathered it with Polisporn, and by the time I woke up the next morning, it was feeling better than ever, and I was actually starting to admire it in the mirror. Everyone was shocked that I actually went through with it, and my boyfriend, as much as he doesn't like it, admits it's not as bad as he thought. People that never noticed me, are now talking to me, and I find out now that the main reason is the eyebrow ring....they thought I was 'stuckup', but the ring gives them a different view about me and my personality. I think everyone has two sides to them, it's just a matter of getting to the other side. If it wasn't for web sites like this one, I wouldn't have had the nerve to do it, nor would I have known what you expect. I praise all of you who have dared to go where no one has when it comes to body modification....who knows where my next hole will be, but I know I'll find it on this site! Thanks to all that have contributed to this site to make it what it is today. Thanks again. :-) Lindsay in Canada


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Oct. 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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