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Getting my brow done at 12!!!

Okay well I'll start by telling you about me. I'm 12/f from ont. and just about an hour ago I got my eyebrow pierced. It's Oct.11th. I decided on getting my brow pierced because when I got my cartilage done last November everyone liked it and say there going to get it done but so far only one person has. I like being an original I dress tacky and do my hair wierd and stuff. I actually wanted and still want my navel done but thought that it wouldn't be such a great Idea since I'm a swimmer.

I was on Bme loooking on eyebrow info and stuff 'cause it has always appeled to me. I really wanted it done so I decided so have the guts and ask my Mum. I went to the kitchen after dinner and helped cleaned the table, Then I asked "Hey mum, uuuummm... well you'll probrally say no way but.... Can I get my eyebrow pierced?" She looked at me strange and said. " I really don't think this is a good idea but it's not a tatoo it's not permanant so OKAY!!!" I said thank-you so much. and got so excited I grabbed the phone book and ran up stairs. (I think she said yes because my older bro got a tatoo. and were really close me and mum.) I was up in my room looking for a good place. This place I saw which was called carnage looked great I called up and asked for an appointment they said I would need my mum's signature to get it done. They said that on Sunday (thanksgiving) they would be giving free piercings just pay for the jewllery. So I decided to come today. I told my friend about it and she decided to come and get her nose done w/ me. So today before I went I got my mum to sign a piece of paper saying that I could get It done. We got to Carnage arts I was very very impressed by the place.Very clean The floor was white the piercing chair's were in the back and they were white. There was a whole bunch of floresent lights and inflatable couches chairs etc. in the waiting room. They gave us a # mine was 41 and Monica's was 42.They usually wouldn't do that but it was for the 'thanksgiving piercing give away!'

About 20 min. later the # went up to 200 because so many people wanted free piercing. They called 40-45 and me and Monica got nervous. We were sent to the same person to get our brow and nose done. We filled out forms showed our permission thing, and chose out jewllery. I chose a silver 14ga ring w/ a silver ball. Monica chose a cool like 18ga silver stud for her nose. Nickola (the piercer) starilazzesd the stuff and told me to go first which was fine because Monica wanted me to go first. I went and sat in the chair I had butterflies in my stomach and Monica held my hand. Nickola cleaned my brow an dasked where I wanted it she marked it off and got the neddle She told me to close my eyes and take deep breaths So I did all of a sudden I felt pressure. and then she put in the ring the jewllery didn't really even hurt. The worst part was the clamp. I sat up and looked at it I was awsome she gave me cleaning stuff etc. and I waited for Monica. She said her's hurt abit. she got her cleanning stuff etc.Shw told us what to do to clean it. She was so cool she had her brow pierced twice an her tounge. She was really nice. We paid $20 and we left. Now it hurts a bit more but it's all great. Monica says her nose is fine. Now I get to show all my relatives my eybrow tonight for thanksgiving. all my friends will be jelous probrally. and I can't wait to show them. Oh in case your wondering I got my right brow done. I think that if you would like to get your eyebrow pierced then you should go ahead and get it done but make sure that you go to a professinol place and get a good piercer make sure the starilizze the stuff and tell you how to clean it etc. If you have any questions make sure you ask them and get a good awnser. And enjoy the beautiful piercing. Her is some questions I asked: will it hurt? A: It depends on the person it may hurt alot or you may not feel it mine didn't hurt. Q: what should I do if i want it changed or have a problem? A: call us up and tell us what's wrong and well try to fix it or if you want it changed call for an appointment. Have a great time doing it!!! :) LOVE you all Raine


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Oct. 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Nickola
Studio: Carnage+arts
Location: Toronto+area

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