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I pierces it myself, and it was easy!

well I had never really been interested in body piercing until one day about a year ago I saw a college student get off the bus with his eyebrow pierced. It had to be a 14 or 16 guage barbell, I thought it looked so cool, he didn't look like a freak with it either, it looked really good. So recently I stumbeled across BME and was immidiatly interested in eyebrow piercing again.I read through ALL of the eyebrow piercing write-ups (just like you are doing now) and after reading them all I though, why have someone else jam a needle through my eyebrow if I can do it myself. So I got my step sister to take me down to a piercing studio after school one day to get a barbell, I didn't want a ring because I would think they would get ripped out to easily and I like the way the barbells look. The guy help me decide what kind of barbell I Wanted. I ended up getting a 16 guage surved barbell.I got my mom to get me a 14 guage needle from work, (she's a doctor and thought this would be a really cool idea). So two days later I found myself in my bathroo with a large needle and some alcohol. First I let the barbell sit in some alcohol and with some alcohol on a cotton swab I cleaned my eyebrow. I looked at my eyebrow for a while and when I was sure I knew where I wanted it I put the needle to is and stuck it through.(the needle was VERY sharp so it went through easily) Now I'm not gonna say this was painless, it did kinda hurt but all and all it was okay, I put the 16 guarge cruved barbell in the bottom of the needle and pulled it back through the hole. Once I got the barbell sitting there by itself in my eyebrow withought a bead on one end it bleed like crazy alllllll down my face. I screwed the ball on the top, cleaned it up and went out with my friends, they all thought it was so cool and kept asking me if I was lieing about doing it myself. Later that night, I came home and went to take a shower, admiring mynew piercing in the mirror I realized I hadn't pierced it deep enough! so I took the needle again, cleaned it up and cleaned my eyebrow up and stuck it through. Now this was less painful then the first time, this hardly hurt at all! it didn't even feel like something sharpe was going through my eyebrow! I put the barbell in the needle, pulled the needle out and it didn't bleed a drop, once I screwed it together I cleaned it showered and then covered it with a band-aid while I slept. When I got up in the morning the band-aid had a little bit of puss stuff on it but there were no crusties on the barbell or around it. When I examined it closer, I was happy to see it was PERFECT depth. When I went back to the pierceing studio to get instructions on how to keep it clean (the place I got the jewlery) the piercer said it was perfect and he couldn't have done a better job himself. I was so happy. It has been in over a week now, everyone loves it, all my friends think it looks awsome and even my friends parents are cool with it, I knew mine would be (well after all my mom got my the needle) but I was a little worried about sitting at a dinner table at my freinds house with all his family starring at me thinking I was a wierdo! People still don't beilieve I pierced it myself (especially when I show them how big the needle I used was), they kept saying it was gonna get infected and it hasn't yet and I think it's healing up pretty good. It's cool thought because I am the only one it my school with my eyebrow pierced so I got a lot of comments on it. It has given me no troubles, none at all. I find it easy to keep clean, I just clean it with Hydrogen peroxide on a clean soft bristle toothbrush 2-3 times a day and it's great.It doesn't hurt at all now (it hardly did in the first place).I would definatly do this again, It was so worth it, If yer gonna get it done I recommend doing it yourself just as long as you take my advice and be careful. If you have any questions, any at all I would be more then happy to answer them, please e-mail me, thanx for reading :) happy piercings


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 08 Oct. 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: moi+meme
Studio: my+bathroom
Location: manitoba%2C+canada

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