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Piercing, running, and endorphins

a couple of days ago, I got my eyebrow pierced--FINALLY. I've been wanting to get it peirced for a long, long time, but for some reason I kept wussing out, finding some kind of excuse not to get it done (parent disapproval, work disapproval, friends disapproval, lack of money, the fact that my eyebrows aren't very long, etc). I decided to finally get pierced after meeting a girl who had all these piercings, among them, these awesome bridge piercings, one vertical and one horizontal. Having been inspired, I felt that it was time to stop the bullshitting and get it done. So right after class I...didn't go straight to a piercing shop; rather, I went on the internet to find some info on eyebrow piercings, particularly personal experiences. What I wanted to know was what everyone who doesn't have an eyebrow piercing wants to know: "Did it hurt??" I'm a real wuss when it comes to pain. I can't even get an injection with a needle thinner than an 0.5 pencil lead without bitching about the pain. (Of course, I've gotten those shots on my ass, so maybe my bitching about the pain is not indicative of my wussy-ness.) It took me a while, but this webpage provided all I needed to know about the "pain" of getting eyebrow piercings. Of course, every post I read indicated that it didn't hurt, so decided to go for it. (Oh BTW, I know my internet research wasn't not was not very spontaneous of me, but I don't give a shit :-)) So after I was convinced I would faint from the pain, I drove to the first piercing place I saw. Apparently, this was a popular place because I had to wait about twenty minutes before getting pierced. I might even say that, as nice as they turned out to be, the workers neglected me because I looked and dressed like a such a goody-goody. When it finally came time for me to get pierced, the piercer, Seth, led me to this small room in the back of the store. As I followed him to this room no bigger than a single-stall bathroom, I thought, oh this is good--nice and private. Of course my initial thought went away when I actually stepped into the "back room", for it had a window about the size of the wall. As if that weren't bad enough, this family, whose daughter wanted to get her tongue pierced decided to watch me get pierced. I felt like some kind of zoo animal stuck in its cage for sightseers to ooh and ah over. As my piercer was preparing the equipment, they kept asking my piercer all sorts of lame questions, everything from if it hurt to "where's the nastiest place you've ever pierced someone?" and all I kept thinking was, go away, go away! They were only adding to my nervousness.
Fortunately, when the actual piercing took place, the onlookers and even the piercer himself, just seemed to disappear and I was alone with this needle stuck in my head. The piercer told me to inhale right before he stuck the needle in my head and exhale as he actually did it. And as I felt the needle slide under my skin, I felt began to feel floaty. I think I even tripped for a second, because I felt this sensation that I was under water, swiming peacefully like a mermaid. I know that sounds ridiculous, but that's what I felt. This may also sound weird, but having that needle beneathe my skin almost felt intimate--but not in the horny, sexual sort of way, but in this warm, close sort of way. I would describe it as the closeness a pregnant woman feels toward her unborn child, but that's probably way too dramatic a comparison and I haven't been anyway pregnant to know if that would be true. All I know is that the needle felt like it was a natural part of my body, like it belonged there all along. And to answer the number one question, No, it did not hurt at all. After taking the needle out, I could hear the onlookers saying "whoa, that was cool/gross!" or whatever, but I didn't care. The piercer then put my eyebrow ring and its little ball in. This posed no problems either. I experienced the first signs of "pain" when I was driving home and the piercing started to burn a little. As I kept driving, it just kept getting worse and worse. Having heard of runner's high and the "free" endorphins you receive as a result, I decided to take a detour to my school's gym and run for a while. I don't know if my body actually produced endorphins since I heard that you have to run about 15 miles to achieve the "runner's high" (I probably ran about one mile), or if running provided a distraction from the pain, but as I ran, then pain went away and stayed away even long after I finished running. So just a suggestion to anyone considering getting a piercing: if you want to get rid of pain that results from piercing go for a run. Either that or take a Tylenol. ;-) Well my piercing is still here after three days (as if I could take it out anyway) and I'm lovin' it. The bruises I got were very tiny, about the width of a toothpick around the parts where the ring goes in. I clean it with alcohol twice a day, as my piercer told me to. It's a little irritating, but nothing that will kill me. It's been a little hard to adjust having this "thing" hovering above my eye. For example, I have to be careful when rubbing my eyes for fear that my hands will brush my still-senstive eyebrow. It's much harder to wash off eye makeup since the ring gets in the way of rubbing the makeup off my eyes. But other than that, I totally love my new addition. Having finally undergone this unpainful and even pleasant experience of getting my eyebrow pierced, I feel as if I've overcome some sort of obstacle involving my mild phobia of pain. With the exception of my ears (which practically every female has, making them not as "special"), this is my first piercing...and based on the small amount of pain involved, it might just may be the first of a bunch of piercings I may get in the future. Who knows? That bridge piercing might just look pretty cool on me...


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 05 Oct. 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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