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YES!! i did it myself!

e goes. I have my ears pierced 3 times and my nose done. I did them all myself. Well, after having just those for a little while, i got, well, kinda bored. So i decided to give myself another piercing. I thought about it alot as to where i'd pierce myself again but couldn't decide. Well, one day, i had got in an argument with my sister and i was pretty mad. Since i was so mad, i thought i'd relive some of my anger by piercing myself. So i went to the bathroom and got out my safety pin (well, it's more like a diaper pin, but anyways). It's about a 16 gauge i think. I took a good look at myself and decided it would be my eyebrow, I was kinda worried that i'd hit like a nerve or vein or something like that but i shoved that though away and began to pierce. Now let me say i was pretty stupid when doing all of this. The needle was clean and all but i didn't mark anything or make any enter and exit holes. I didn't even think at the time that i could do it because i didn't even have any rings or barbells. Well, surprisingly, the needle went right through. It barely hurt!!! And the surprising thing is, i didn't use any ice. (Don't ask me why but when i try to do a piercing and use ice to numb it, it for some reason makes doing the piercing hurt even more.) It's best to wait till AFTER you're pierced and THEN put the ice on cuz it'll help the swelling go down. After about 5 minutes i had the needle sticking all the way through. I didn't want to leave the needle in but i didn't have any eyebrow jewlery. I searched frantically but all i found was a simple silver earring stud. I thought what the hell and put the stud in my eyebrow verticle and put the little back on. I went and showed my
mom what i had done and she of course wasn't shocked at all by it. (i'm 15, may i add). She figured i'd do something like that since i had done my nose and ears. So i told her to go out and buy a curved barbell at Primal
Urge the next day so i could put that in. AFter that i continued to keep putting alcohol on it all night. The next day she comes home and gives me this 16 gauge STRAIGHT barbell. I had wanted a curved one but it didn't
really matter. So i go take out the stud and put in the barbell. I had a little trouble screwing on the ball since it was hard to hold on to. Then, it was in. It looked GREAT!!! I loved it! And since my piercing was a
little slanted, the barbell kinda layed flat against my skin which made it look even better!!

That same day we go to pick up my friend, Tiffany and she of course loved it, Ever since i pierced myself, she's been wanting one too. Of course i feel sorry for her because she does have VERY strict parents. Hopefully she'll be able to get one. Well, we pick her up cause she
wanted to spend the night and well, that night the piercing had swelled up which made me look really weird. So i got some ice and held that on there for a while. And the day after that, the swelling had completely went
down. Holding ice on it really does make the swelling go down faster! haha!

It's been about 3 or 4 months since i did it and it's almost completly healed. It's awesome to see people's reactions. Espically when i tell them i did it myself. They just don't understand that it doesn't hurt. oh well, it ensures that they wont' get one which means i'll still stand out! Yay! (sorry, i can't help it i love to be different). Before i had done it, my friend had gotton hers done professionally and said it hurt really bad but i think she was just trying to talk me ut of getting one. Too bad it didn't work! Hopefully next i'll be able to pierce my tongue. Let's hope i succeed at that! Well, i hope this little story of mine has made some of yall who want to do your own eyebrow piercing feel better about doing it. If you have any questions for me at all, please e-mail me. And also, be sure to check out my homepage. Thanx a bunch! have a nice day:)~ bye!

e-mail me at: [email protected]



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 03 Oct. 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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