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Double Eyebrow Puncture

g that my first 'brow piercing was in the process of rejecting, I decided to get the other 'brow done as well. To make things interesting, I figured I'd make this one a double. My ex came along as the official photographer - not a practice normally tolerated by piercers, but we got special permission coz it was for some art school project he was doing. I decided on two SSS 16ga CBR's (how original), and we all headed upstairs to the piercing room. En route I warned Vanessa that she was gonna have to be patient since I was planning on being extremely picky over the placement. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that placement-pickiness is something she encouraged, and wished that more people would take the time to explain to her exactly what they wanted so that she could please them. When we entered the room, that now very familiar clean, almost-but-not-quite nose-stinging smell stirred up a number of emotions - the anxiety, the fear, but most of all the excitement.
After about 15mins of "no, a little further to the left", "not that far over", "I'd prefer it on a bit more of an angle", "Ben, what do you think?", "thanks for being so patiest" etc., the FINAL purple dots were made and I lay down on the bed-type thingy. As Ben snapped away, she told me to start my deep breathing, and before I knew it, the first stab was over with. It felta sorta like a burning pinch... a bit more intense than my previous 'brow piercing, but certainly nothing one couldn't handle! She asked me how I was doing and she slid the jewelry in but waited to put the bead on 'til she'd done the other one. She picked up another needle and... DEEP BREATH [second stabbing takes place] EYES SCRUNCH SHUT AND START TO WATER I was truly shocked at how much that one hurt. It was my third 'brow piercing in total but hurt a damn sight more than the first two! She slid the jewellry in, I flinched, and she, again, asked if I was ok. I was desperate to see the finished product but she told me to hold my horses until she positioned the beads perfectly, because she wanted me to see it at it's best (lubricant and betadyne presence apparently not relevant!). When I finally saw it, I was REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY happy!!!!! The whole area, though, was really burning and red. She told me to lay back down and she got something to put on it and said "this is gonna make it feel a whole lot better". It did! It was nice and cool... very soothing!! After that, I sat up and we talked for awhile. She also spoke with Ben about photography and stuff. That was nice coz it gave me the opportunity to stand at the mirrow admiring my new facial adornments! I've been to four different piercers in total, and Vanessa is definitely my favorite. She is always in an amazing mood, which is great, and she's also got a knack for working WITH me rather than FOR me, when it comes to my ideas for future piercings. She's also not afraid to tell me her honest opinion, which, I might add, since I can easily get carried away with getting stuff pierced, has saved me from some disasterous outcomes! One thing I love about Waycool is that they're open 'til midnight (everyday but Sunday), which is awesome because it fits into my schedule! It was about 11pm by the time Ben and I left the place. As we walked down Yonge St. I started complaining about how much the right side of my head was killing me. It felt like it was being crushed in a vice. Fortunately, that feeling subsided after a couple of hours. It also took me about that long to settle down from the high I was on... I always get really high off a new piercing! Even though it was late, I decided to stop by my friend's place to show her. She was really impressed with how wonderfully placed the rings were, but said little other than "your Mom's gonna kill you!" Fortunately, though, my Mom didn't kill me. In fact, more than three weeks later, she still hasn't mentioned it. I'd rather she did say something, even if nasty, coz the silent treatment bites. My Dad however, asked simply "why?", and then proceeded to tell me how he hoped it really hurt. Now, to answer those inevitable questions: MY MOST PAINFUL PIERCING EXPERIENCE 1. Tragus 2. 2nd Logarth 3. Nipple 4. 3rd Eyebrow 5. 1st Logarth 6. 2nd Eyebrow 7. 1st Eyebrow MOST PAINFUL AFTER THE FACT 1. Nipple 2. 2nd & 3rd Eyebrow 3. Both Logarths 4. 1st Eyebrow 5. Tragus For pictures of the entire double eyebrow piercing procedure, visit: http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Cyprus/9754/brow.html


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Oct. 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Vanessa
Studio: Waycool+Tattoo+%28Yonge%2FWellesley%29
Location: Toronto

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